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Help Using The Forum (2 visitors)
If you have a question about the forum, want to know how to perform some action or encounter a problem please post here.
Want to know more about a bottle made before 1900 then post a photograph here and a good description.
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Want to know more about a bottle made after 1900 (if the mould seam goes through the lip it has been machine made and is after 1900) then post a photograph here and a good description.
Moderators woody
Digging and Finding (13 visitors)
If you are a dump digger this is where you swap ideas, experiences and your stories with other diggers.
New to the Collection (4 visitors)
If you have recently added to your collection with a purchase from eBay, a flea market, a garage sale etc., tell other Members here.
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Cleaning your bottles can ruin them or make a great improvement. Tumbling, acid, secret formulas etc., discuss the merits of the techniques for cleaning and repairing bottles here.
Questions and answers about displaying your collection or photographing a bottle prior to auction? This is the place to explain how you do it! Or just ask!
Your chance for some publicity for your local bottle show or club meet.
Seen an interesting bottle on eBay or an auction somewhere? Maybe you made the find of the decade or dicovered a scam - here is the place to tell others or seek information.
Re: Really ?..
2015/10/04 21:41:08
Chat about bottles and only bottles.
General Chat (1 visitors)
Chat about anything other than bottles but be nice.
Re: Two word game..
2015/10/05 00:11:31
andy volkerts 
Not for bottles, pot lids or jars but all those other interesting finds you made.
Poisons (3 visitors)
The many unique shapes and colors, that were used to distinguish old poison bottles so they could not be mistaken for anything else, have made them a fantastic collecting theme. This is the place to talk about them!
This section is for enthusiasts of Embossed, Paper Label and ACL soda bottles.
Milk & Dairy bottles (1 visitors)
A place for collectors of embossed and pyroglazed milk and dairy bottles to share their knowledge.
We've reserved this area for the really old glass.. if pontilled bottles are your thing, bring your passion and expertise here.
Re: Help with a Pontil..
2015/09/11 07:17:14
Unanswered Questions (2 visitors)
The difficult ones! If a Member's question is not answered within a few weeks it may be moved here so that it is not forgotten. If you have any ideas or suggestions that may help with an answer please post them.
Ask a question or share your interest in reproduction bottles and jars.
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If you researched a bottle or glasshouse, share your information here.
Member Bearswede held an auction on the forum where the winner paid a percentage of their winning bid as a donation to the upkeep of the forum. Other Members have said they would like to do this too and this section is for that purpose.

[Pot Lids]

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Do you collect potlids ? Are you inexplicably drawn to the strange appeal of long forgotten typefaces streaming boldly across the face of cold porcelain, trapped there by the glaze applied over a century ago? Then post here!


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If Old Fruit Jars are your special interest this is the place to post.


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Everything to do with Marbles and nothing to do with bottles.


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Collectors and enthusiasts of glass and ceramic insulators need not search high and low, this forum is just for you.


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Buy, Sell & Swap (1 visitors)
Trade your items here with a wanted, for sale or exchange post.


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Post a picture and a description of your 'Prized Possession' and make the rest of the Members jealous!
Suggest a Website or resource by posting useful links relating to our hobby together with a short description.
SCAMS and FRAUDS (1 visitors)
Bottle collectors are not immune to SCAMS and FRAUDS. If you know or suspect a Scam post the details here so that fellow collectors can be alerted. (Posts require Moderator approval to avoid potential problems with non-members).
Soda buyers beware..
2014/08/15 03:24:32
If you are looking for digging partners then post here and please put the location as the subject so that Members can scan the list easily!!
Early American pressed glass, cut glass, blown three mold glass including Lacy bowls, plates and salts and three mold decanters from the New England Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Glass Districts.
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