1935 Coca Cola Coke Bottle Uniontown, PA

Year Made: 1935
Glassmaker: Owens-Illinois Plant 5, Cincinnati, Ohio
Color: aqua
Product: Coca-Cola
Bottler: Coca Cola, Uniontown, PA
Volume: 6 fluid ounces
Height: 7 3/4 inches
Weight: 14.2 ounces
Diameter: 2 1/4 inches
Seams: 2 seams all the way to top
Label Type: embossed
Closure Type: pry-off metal cap

Notes- This bottle is often called a "Christmas Coke" because the style was patented on December 25, 1923. They were made until 1937. It was believed that the Owen-Illinois glass plant in Cincinnati was idled in 1933. Since this bottle came from that plant in 1935, that can't be true.
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