1890's J.C. Moore Druggist Connellsville Bottle

Year Made: 1890's
Glassmaker: unknown
Color: clear
Product: medicine
Bottler: J.C. Moore Druggist
Volume: 2 fluid ounces
Height: 5 inches
Diameter: 1 3/46" by 1"
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Seams: 2 fade out right after shoulder
Label Type: embossed
Closure Type: cork
Notes: On the bottom it is embossed with three stars, "D", "U.S.A.", "PAT JAN 5 1890_"
This information was found online from the book "Industrial and Commercial Resources of Pennsylvania" --

J. C. Moore, Druggist, Water Street, near B&O Depot-- Connellsville's popular exponent of the drug trade is Mr. J. C. Moore, whose well ordered and well kept pharmacy occupies a desirable location on Water Street, near the B. & O. R. R. depot. The commodious and well arranged premesis are fitted up in a tasteful and appropriate manner, and the stock of drugs, medicines, toilet and fancy articles, etc., embraces everything to be found in a first-class metropolitan pharmacy. The laboratory is supplied with every facility for compounding physicians' prescriptions and family remedies, and the patronage is large and profitable. Mr. Moore learned his profession in Brooklyn, and is a thoroughly practical and skillful druggist. He established in this town in 1869, and in the period elapsed, through his able and popular management has reared an extensive and prosperous business and become a representative exponent of his trade. Mr. Moore is a member of the State Pharmaceutical Association, and is generally esteemed for his many social and business qualities.
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