1968 Quality Dairy Milk Bottle

Year Made: 1968
Glassmaker: unknown
Color: clear
Product: milk
Bottler: Quality Dairy, Connellsville, PA
Volume: 1 quart
Height: 8 5/8 inches
Weight: 18.2 ounces
Diameter: 3 1/8 inches
Seams: 2 seams to the top
Label Type: embossed
Closure Type: pry off cap

Notes: Around the heel it has: "SEALED[keystone symbol]NU / ONE QUART / LIQUID / 4 / REG" On the bottom it has: "25 / 68"
I think the keystone on the heel might be a reference to the company that made it. Quality Dairy began in Connellsville in 1933 but I have no info about when the company went out of business.
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