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  1. Avondale (spelling?) Rye Decanter
  2. Anthony Bottling Works Anthony, Pa (does the town exist?)
  3. Heritage Lamp Oil Bottle - Need Value
  4. Bearded Old Man Whiskey Bottle
  5. Bad Dog Bottle - Soda? What is this worth
  6. Owens Illinois glass Co. bottle made at fairmont, WV plant
  7. Small Brown Bottle with lip
  8. Need Help with an old bottle?
  9. Blue Bell Bottom Bottle from Canada
  10. Inca pisco
  11. Patio soda bottle
  12. Codd bottle
  13. Dr. Miles New Weather Almanac & Hand Book of Valuable Information (1911) full original
  14. Extra Sec Cusenier Orange Cordial Stone/Ceramic Bottle?
  15. Tiny bottle
  16. Looking for some info regarding these Independence, WI Bottling Company bottles
  17. Old Beer and a BIM
  18. Wallace & Tiernan Co. Chloro-Meter multi-gallon water disinfectant bottle
  19. Little bottle
  20. Owens-Illinois 1931 Bottle
  21. My first colored Ball Mason
  22. John Lumb and Co - Help needed.
  23. My smallest bottle find to date
  24. MAR-VEL??::
  25. Virginia Brewing Company Bottles
  26. Bottle found in Brazil.
  27. Straight sided Orange Crush..??
  28. Help Needed. I need more info on a small Owens bottle Co bottle
  29. 70s or 80s 7up Bottle
  30. McKessin & Robbins NY bottle
  31. Need some help -- Red Rock Whiskey Jug - CEO H Goodman Evansville, Indiana
  32. Glass maker ID needed.
  33. Character jars dug today!
  34. Cloverfield from PA
  35. WITHONE , Duraglass bottle?
  36. Abbott 70 Bottle
  37. gradge sale find would like some info thanks
  38. Looking for info on this green bottle
  39. The "Vitameatavegamin" Bottle From "I Love Lucy"
  40. Caribbean Treasure
  41. Brown Duraglas mystery to me
  42. Trying to identify a green bottle
  43. Nyal Quality medicine bottle
  44. What year is this Pepsi bottle from?
  45. orange crush bottle
  46. Chestnut Grove Whiskey bottle
  47. My friend found this bottle
  48. What is this bottle?
  49. I found this bottle..
  50. Syringe Bottle
  51. Sixteen Unknown Bottles
  52. Help on Nehi Bottle
  53. 7-Up Green Colored Coca-Cola Bottle
  54. Amber Colored Faygo Bottle
  55. Unlisted Philadelphia Cod Liver Oil
  56. Help with National Dairy Orange juice bottle
  57. Early 1900s bottle with a metal tube inserted thru its side. Anyone ever seen this before.
  58. Anyone know anything about this bottle?
  59. New Orleans Embossed Coca-Cola Bottle
  60. What year is my pepsi bottle?
  61. Large Vaseline Uranium Glass Bottle
  62. Real or Fake? Dr Pepper bottle with Paper Label.
  63. John Conlon & Co. Boston Mass Bottle
  64. I think this Columbia Liberty flask bottle is a repro but I am just not sure?
  65. Toledo Brewing & Malting Co. LTD
  66. Modern Blob Seal?
  67. I can't find anything online. Old tiny morphine bottle
  68. Oriental "Show-You" sauce bottle with original label.
  69. Closure Types?
  70. Crown Bottling Works, Garden City, Kans.
  71. Clear Octagonal FGC bottle
  72. Tin Cans
  73. Knox One-Half Gallon Jug
  74. Small Diamond decorated bottle
  75. A. B. & E. Co Amarillo, TEX
  76. Can anyone tell me anything about this British Red Cross & order of St John charity bottle that I have come across? Thanks
  77. Phil G. Kelly bottle
  78. My Annual St. Lawrence River bottle finds - Help me out!
  79. Imperfection in Glass?
  80. B. Smith Poughkeepsie Bottle
  81. Famous bottle.
  82. Dropper?
  83. Help identifying a bottle
  84. Hot Shot Roach and Ant killer
  85. F.C. Calvert & Co Bottle?
  86. Michigan, North Dakota
  87. What is this bottle with inner vial?
  88. RC Cola LGW 2
  89. Cool find today.
  90. Another Expensive (Fake?) Nevada Bottle
  91. Ste Pierre Smirnoff 1 Gallon bottle 1818
  92. Picked this bottle in a box lot...Have ?'s..
  93. h over a bottle
  94. Mystery Ink bottle from the unknown...
  95. Found a twisted looking Grapette bottle while fishing
  96. Is this authentic?
  97. Young Antique Glue bottle with fur brush?
  98. Glue or Paint bottle... Odd Stopper
  99. Mysterious 7up 32 oz Paper Label bottle.
  100. Those Funky Foam labeled Soda Bottles Rarest Labels?
  101. Does anyone recognize this condiment jar?
  102. Probably two long shots
  103. Here are 2 more images of condiment jar
  104. I have an old crow Hellman distilling Co bottle. Pre 1918. Interested in its value?
  105. help with color of perfect mason jar.
  106. Hester's Root Beer Acid Etched
  107. Have a question.
  108. Bottles
  109. Glass Bottle Identification
  110. Tooled crown top water bottle?
  111. 2" apothecary/medicine bottle
  112. Pepsi Perfect, released today, selling for $500 on feebay!
  113. Old welch's bottle
  114. Grand Rapid Bottling Works of Minnesota
  115. new to the forum & looking for some help
  116. my other mystery bottle
  117. bottle
  118. Need help on a value of a bottle
  119. Miller Milwaukee Pre-Prohibition Era "Best Extract"
  120. Need info on an old Pharmacy bottle
  121. need help identifying this bottle I found
  122. w. h. mervine bottle
  123. Help Identifying Pig Ceramic Jug Decanter
  124. Vintage Pig Ceramic Jug Identification Needed
  125. perfume bottle?
  126. Thorndike Paper label
  127. Sprite bottle?
  128. M. Nortz & Sons, Lowville, NY This Bottle Is Not To Be Sold.
  129. squirrel hunting find
  130. Snuff bottle?
  131. Confusing Crown Construction?
  132. The Wm Gerst Brewing Co Nashville Tennessee
  133. Help with bottle ID
  134. Looking for
  135. Anyone know these marks?
  136. Unopened Chas H Phillips chemical co milk of magnesia info?
  137. 5 1/2" tall cylinder clear, only marking "2" on bottom info?
  138. Old English Ginger Beer - GALENA, ILLINOIS
  139. Help with a whiskey bourbon bottle
  140. Canadian Beer Bottle.
  141. Liquor Bottle?
  142. Found in Italy. Probably first world war, about 1917. Have you any information about?
  143. Had It Awhile: Fake Asafetida?
  144. Pepsi Bottle
  145. Old Brown Medicine Bottle
  146. Hollywood Magnetic Spring Water
  147. Help with Canada Dry Item?
  148. Help with bottle
  149. Bottle found in creek - Boldt? Br
  150. Need help "biplane bottle"
  151. Bottle Identification
  152. Jar only says mason
  153. Embossed Tree Whiskey Decanter, need info.
  154. Tube Vial
  155. 1938 Owens-Illinois Beer Bottle?
  156. does anyone have any history on a J.R Watkins medical company bottle from minn usa
  157. Early 1900s Armour Dried Beef Jar
  158. Aqua Vase/Pitcher ID?
  159. Green bottle with large 6 on base
  160. Tip-a-Tilton, San Pedro Ca
  161. Cleveland LEMON bottle RARE? or NOT?
  162. Beach glass 1906 ?
  163. Old, straight sided Coca-Cola bottle from Canada
  164. Barney Google
  165. SC Dispensary bottles and first Bitters
  166. Bottom piece not sure what it is.....
  167. 1/4 pint shaw's dairy from middleport, N.Y. that i need info on.
  168. Honduras Mountain Tonic Co. Bottle
  169. Sussex Embossed Emerald Green Glass Bottle
  170. Can you help with the ID of this bottle?
  171. Can anyone give me an approx. year for these cans? Found in a commercial bldg. in NJ.
  172. Would love to know when this mini liquor bottle was produced
  173. Royal Purple??
  174. Bottle Question
  175. Okay. What the Heck is it???
  176. Hazel Atlas Small Clear Bottle - What Is It?
  177. Coke soda water bottle
  178. Vintage Unusually Shaped Art Deco Mini Jar? What was it used for?
  179. Heinz 57 bottle #122
  180. Help Identifying Nude Woman Bottle
  181. Perfume bottle
  182. Need to know what to call it....
  183. What am I looking at?
  184. What is this Canada Dry bottle?
  185. big poison bottle clear
  186. Mystery Bottle Maker's Mark
  187. amber BAYER emossed in cross bottles(big and tiny)
  188. open pontil?CHINESE art bottle
  189. green bitters beer?
  190. AMESCO embossed biological chemical
  191. So dark...
  192. unusual inclined rectangular depression
  193. amber 20 rib jug
  194. need help identifying mini antique bottle
  195. Unique Beer bottle with bottle opener
  196. what is it?
  197. A milk bottle I need info on and value
  198. A second milk bottle I need info on and value
  199. a one quart milk bottle called J.G Wolfer from Brichton N.Y. that needs info on
  200. Mt. Carbon Brewery One Quart Amber Beer Bottle, need info and value please
  201. Help identifying this bottle
  202. $1 Find Thrift Store
  203. some info.
  204. another milk bottle that needs id and value
  205. Help identifying bottle
  206. Etched Rye Whiskey turn-Mold Bottle?
  207. D B Gordon bottle
  208. (HELP ID) Heinz 4.2 oz Orange Juice Jar
  209. Antique wooden bottle
  210. Unknown bottle
  211. Anyone know this?
  212. Archaeology student looking for an I.D. on a shard..
  213. Monarch - embossed bottle
  214. Need help with Brandy bottle
  215. Sherwood bottle find
  216. Arizona booze
  217. please help with dating this bottle?
  218. Mission orange glass dispenser
  219. Help ID please.
  220. When is it from? (Budweiser)
  221. Emerald green Illinois glass
  222. Hey Guys! Help me with details about this old Coca-Cola bottle
  223. Help: Pennzoil "Tune-X" bottle
  224. D.A. Collins Mfg. Co. Inc.
  225. I need help dating this old crown top Coca-Cola bottle from Illinois
  226. Odd looking jar. - What did it contain
  227. Common Bayer Aspirin bottle
  228. Bottle ID help please
  229. Is this a fair price for a straight side Coca-Cola bottle from Kankakee, Ill?
  230. Very Strange Set of Bottles Broad Flat Bottom Rounded Top???
  231. What is this ? New or old ?
  232. Looking for a date for this bottle...Der Lachs Goldswasser
  233. Pre-Pro Maryland Whiskey?
  234. Found a new site
  235. The river gives up more
  236. Coke bottle
  237. Crudest ABM
  238. ABCo bottle
  239. Common I'm sure
  240. Green Gallo Flavor Guard Bottles?
  241. Decorative Glass Light Fixture?
  242. Needing Some Help
  243. Latest Finds
  244. Connecticut bottle?
  245. 7up and a coke bottle.....
  246. Crockett Bottling Co. - More Information?
  247. Whiskey Bottle from the Quiet Man
  248. Anchor Glass Jar
  249. Mercury Jug?
  250. J.T. Sherrer