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  1. 1860s Perfume?
  2. Is this bottle as beautiful as I think it is?
  3. Mystery jug!
  4. Ceramic pot
  5. E Holland hutch
  6. I just bought a Oak Orchard Acid Springs dark green bottle
  7. Francis Bros. of Uhrichsville
  8. NJ Patent WONKY BLOB
  9. Perfume bottles
  12. "Patent" bottle from Haiti
  13. Help on Big Green Bottle Age
  14. H. Lake's Indian Specific
  15. The bottle that started it all!
  16. Sistersville Pop Bottle
  18. looking for info on a woods find
  19. Wine bottle dating
  20. MAKINNEY & CO / CHEROKEE / KANS. / No. 5 (near base)
  21. Frank Millers Crown Dressing Bottle for Shoes New York USA No 3 on bottom.
  23. Help! ID this embossed decanter / bottle.
  24. PATENT green squat style bottle?
  25. Info about this seal...
  26. Dr Bourbon's Pulmonic Balsam
  27. Cool find metal detecting
  28. Here are photos please help
  29. Hello. Bottle Id and value Hartwig Kantorowicz & Schaar and Caviezel Several bottles.... ?
  30. help with bottle
  31. Old hand blown bottle with wittle marks
  32. Hello fellow diggers. Dug this bottle in a ghost town cant find any info on it?
  33. You guys and gals are great.I wish i lived in an older place but i still enjoy digging.
  34. Interesting whiskey bottle "MOONSHINE" w/embossed face.
  35. St. Louis round bottom bottle - O'Brien
  36. Henry Hess Brew Co.1716 N.Broad St. Philadelphia Registered This Bottle Is Not To Be Sold
  37. Help with hazel atlas jar
  38. Please help with flask ID
  39. Old crown top embossed beer bottle
  40. One medicine I find zip on.....anyone?
  41. Unusual Clay Bottle Halifax NS
  42. Is this a Indiana or Ohio Beer, Eagle trademark with W.
  43. Vintage Antique Clear Glass Liquor Bottle?
  44. Looking for information on Missisquoi Springs A Bottle with embossed Indian squaw inside oval.
  45. Missisquoi Springs A with embossed Indian Squaw on reverse side.
  46. Old Blue Budweiser W/ Half the Label, 1880-1888, I think?
  47. A few of my bottles on the Balcony. Photo shopped
  48. Small 12 sided bottle?
  49. "Union Made" whiskey flask
  50. Beer Bottle Maker Identification
  51. Recent Findings
  52. Blue bottle identification
  53. Decanter?
  54. Help Identifying Glass Makers Marks
  55. Wine or water bottles?
  56. Snuff Bottle Id please
  57. Help with identifying civil war trash pit survivor!
  58. Need help identifying bottles found in an old DC dump
  59. Wine or liquor?
  60. Medicine, Perfume, sauce?
  61. whats this early crown
  62. Carstens & vezien / co. Ltd. / algiers la
  63. Stoddard Demijohn?
  64. Does anyone know any information on a National remedy company bottle from new york
  65. Does anyone have any history on a Porter's cure of pain bottle
  66. Wondering What This Unmarked Bottle Could Be
  67. Pharmacy/Drug Store Bottle?
  68. Pontiled Philadelphia Druggist: I L Ritter
  69. pepper sauce repro???
  70. Algiers, LA Stotoneware Jug
  71. Can anyone ID this bottle?
  72. American CODD Marble Stopper error bottle Lawrence Mass
  73. Whittemore Boston error bottle
  74. Newbie with a couple of bottles.
  75. Unusual Soda Bottle
  76. Geo C. Hubbel bitters
  77. buffalo lick springs company?
  78. W. Decker Stoneware Beer age?
  80. Wm Foord of Delaware
  81. D. Gannon Mfg. of Sodas (Nova Scotia) hutchinson
  82. Quandt Brewing Bolton's Sons Stock Ale
  83. Potassic Acid Chromate
  84. Two tubular pontil umbrella inks
  85. been a long time
  86. "ALLESCH KUMMEL" bottle ....
  87. Lockport Help
  88. Possible Antique Persian Saddle Flasks or Bertil Vallien?
  89. Apothecary Help
  90. Diablo Salsa? Sacramento?
  91. London Ontario Canada bottle?
  92. Greeley's Bourbon Bitters Bottle light amber color?
  93. Hathorn Spring Saratoga, NY
  94. Green Bottle - What is it??
  95. cobalt blue medicine bottle
  96. is this a pontil scar?
  97. Geo. W. Hoffman, Allentown, Pa., Emerald Green, 8-sided, 7 1/4 In.
  98. Heinz 1890
  99. Wm. A. Selser
  100. Do I have a wine bottle?
  101. French Medicine or Perfume? Dug in New Orleans Box Well...
  102. Henry Cramer
  103. please help identify a few shards
  104. How much would you pay for this rogh olive green BIM?
  105. Tartan olive oil with a seal
  106. Virgin Islands Dive Find - Any Info Appreciated
  107. Circa 1900 Atlas Bar Bottle, Los Angeles, California. Need info please!
  108. Turchi Bros
  109. 1821?this bottle is a bit like a clear bitters
  110. Very Strange Glass Container....Foreign?
  111. asian stoneware bottle
  112. Stoddard Lamp Globe?
  113. Etched blown glass vase with white enamel.
  114. Udolpho Wolfe's Aromatic Schnapps
  115. Antique Scope (mouthwash) Bottle? Help with ID please - What was this used for?
  116. THE NEWCASTLE BREWERIES LIMd -- What is it worth? History?
  117. two Russian wine?a bit rough
  118. Two glass tumblers how old are they?
  119. Chas Wilson Tall Narrow Blob
  120. old coke
  121. Beehive Peppersauce Bottles, or What?
  122. I W L Jewish Star of David and Fish
  123. 1848 Knickerbocker Soda Water Bottle
  124. Louisville Kentucky Pontil Shard?
  125. A. Arnold Soda, New York
  126. Copland's Budweiser Bottle
  127. Pontiled Clarke's Vegetable Sherry Wine Bitters - In AA Auctions Ltd Auction #4
  128. 'Drake's 1860 Plantation X Bitters / Patented 1862' & Black Bear
  129. H&K Bottle
  130. F.Munch squat New York
  131. Old bottle stopper........??????
  132. Paper Label Butte, MT Beer Bottle
  133. Cryser Springs, Saratogo Springs , Thou Shalt Not Steal
  134. This could be nothing but I liked the looks of it
  135. apothecary/drugstore little bottle
  136. Ortoformio (cocaine succedaneous) bottle
  137. Trojan, from Lyons, Michigan
  138. What was this bottle used for?
  139. Weird SHARP & DOHME BALTIMORE MD. base-embossed
  140. F. H. Heckings Mineral Water?
  141. Please Help...How old is this mini lady leg whiskey bottle.
  142. New Dive Find - Booth & Sedgwick's / London / Cordial Gin
  143. Canal Era Jug ?
  144. Blackglass Bottle
  145. Canadian LYMAN druggist/pharmacy/medicine bottle ?
  146. Tebutt cream Stilton cheese
  147. Bitters bottles
  148. Bitters bottles
  149. Nash's Rheumatism Cure in amber -- Western?
  150. Vine Growers Company of Cognac
  151. Independent Brewing Company of Pittsburgh--Brown bottle
  152. Want to buy an antique bottle museum?
  153. Birthday Bottle (Need Help IDing it)
  154. What's your favorite bottle from pre 1900 look like ?
  155. Old Dr office find ?
  156. Lightning rod globe
  157. New Member Odd Codd with Star Help Please
  158. Help with bottle identification
  159. Help with dating this bottle
  160. Cambridge City Indiana soda
  161. Dr Townsends Sarsaparilla
  162. Stoddard Bottle
  163. Tuthill & Baldwin NY Iron Pontil Porter
  164. Eagle flask with Chicken legs?
  165. Dr Ulmer's Liver Corrector Savannah, GA
  166. Any Good?
  167. Looking for information on a pair of bottles.
  168. Is this an onion bottle? What can you tell me about it...
  169. Amethyst Clear Bottle Need Help Identifying
  170. irregular dark amethyst screw-top bottle
  171. Lawrance and Sons torpedo bottle - any information?
  172. Worner's rattler oil phoenix ariz?
  173. 'SSS' Fragment Help
  174. What is this odd bottle? HELP!
  175. Heavy Blow Molded Ring Neck Bottle Sand Pontil?, Applied Top
  176. Help with identification of this bottle
  177. Silver Rye Detroit Decanter, C. 1888.
  178. Mystery Emerald Green Back Bar Bottle
  179. An Introduction & Old West Whiskey Bottles
  180. Help with question about color
  181. J.H. Harte Montreal amber medicine
  182. Rosebrock Bottle?
  183. 12 sided, small, aqua glass - what could it be?
  184. SC Dispensary
  185. Coors Quart - BIM Tooled Crown Top
  186. Help identifying bottle with no markings.
  187. J. W. Simoneau
  188. Unexpected Jobsite Find
  189. Chestnut Flask ?
  190. Looking for pre-1900 Bottles from Allegany, County, Maryland
  191. Large Pontil Bottle/Decanter English? Shaft & Globe? Unusual. Help Identify and Date
  192. My Grandfathers prize find in the 1960's from a bottle dig outside D.C.
  193. 1880's? Danish Pewter?
  194. unmarked bottle
  195. Stiegel American Flint bottle - Original or reproduction?
  196. Oval bottle with stopper/dropper. Apothecary?
  197. Help me identify a Perfume? Bottle no markings with pontil.
  198. Help identifying beer/wine (?) squat bottle.
  199. Reid's London Ontario Jar
  200. Old Pioneer bottle, fancy whiskey? Crystal?
  201. Old Pioneer bottle, fancy whiskey? Crystal?
  202. Please Help to Identify My bottle
  203. Warwick Bottling Works Newport News
  204. Recent finds Hutch & Others
  205. Know maker but what was it for?
  206. Puce/Amber Globe and Shaft Style Vinegar Bottle
  207. Is this early black glass utility American?
  208. Is this an american cone ink?
  209. Presumably this is an early US Snuff?
  210. Insulator from Civil War Era?
  211. Hires Hutchinson Bottles
  212. Questions about Misprints
  213. Lady's Leg Mini?
  214. does anyone have some info on this mason jar called conserve jar
  215. I have a warner's safe kidney & liver cure that I don't know its history or value
  216. Bought this today
  217. Citrate of magnesia with possible error
  218. Picked this up today and can't find any info....Help?
  219. F. Brown's ess of jamaca ginger age/value
  220. Baby & Hanrahan Windsor Ontario Bottle
  221. Vichy water bottle need help with info.
  222. Square bottle Chattanooga?
  223. Crudely etched glass on oddly shaped bottle?
  224. early 19th century cologne or medicine? anyone ever seen these etchings on a bottle?
  225. Frederick, MD Found a Phial
  226. Any idea?
  227. J M Da Fonseca Stoneware Brown Wine Bottle
  228. Anyone have info or interest?
  229. C. T. Bowen & Co. Pottsville / Blue squat soda
  230. Need some help on a bottle
  231. Four-lobed bottle
  232. blue rectangular bottle fragment
  233. Merry Christmas Flask. Any info? value?
  234. Victorian relic or modern trash?
  235. Old bottle with PSP marking on bottom
  236. B&O Whital Tatum seal oval
  237. I can't seem to post a photo
  238. Mustard Bottle W. Braunewell
  240. black glass wine bottle, missing the top, wondering how old or anything else.
  241. 3 1/4 tall Purple glass hos Hallmark any ideas who made it and what it is?
  242. small blackglass bottle
  243. How old?
  244. Henneberg Bros bottle Port Jervis NY Help...
  245. I'm looking to buy rockingham and hamlet nc milk bottles
  246. Anyone want to take a crack at guessing?
  247. E coudray and other bottle
  248. Pabst Beer Embossed Blob Top
  249. "Success to the Railroad" Light Blue Flask
  250. Can't Find Anything On It