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  5. 1/2 pint double eagle flask C & I
  6. Question of Color? SCA! SCY?
  7. Missing Cobalt Historic Flask, Emerald Fells Point
  8. Jar and some bottles - burst-off blowpipe finish.
  9. Flashing
  10. buffalo lithia water bottle
  11. Rabbit Trails: Yhe Twisted Path...
  12. Tonic bottle Question for Bill
  13. English Black Glass or Dutch ?
  14. Old South Jersey glass: A vase, a Loving mug, and a gadrooned Jelly flint.
  15. Late 1700's to early 1800's South Jersey glass Piranha.
  16. E.G. Booz aqua cabin?
  17. E.G. BOOZ with a lonnnnnnnggg Bubble.
  18. Maryland's first glassmanufactory Tuscarora
  19. Marylands third Glassworks The New Bremen Glassmanufactory .
  20. Wistar Stiegel and Amelung how to tell them apart by color.
  21. Keene New hampshire Glass ??????? Mike good chance
  22. New York State Threaded Pitcher
  23. Early Glassboro New Jersey Stanger 16 ribbed Vase.
  24. Stiegel air twist wine glass
  25. A pair of mid to late 1700's English Decanturs
  26. Amelung 21 ribbed pattern mold Pocket flask
  27. Early Shaft & Globe
  29. Glass Works script money
  30. Robert Turlington's Balsam Of Life
  31. Half post Pitkin style pitcher 1780-1810
  32. Amelung or other early Maryland glass works vase.
  33. G-I -118 Columbia flask/Eagle flask.
  34. Wistarburgh or Glassboro /Stanger made Chestnuts.
  36. Big Bill's Best Bitter's figural decanter
  37. Stiegel Chestnut
  38. Amelung's New Bremen Glassmanufactory at its best.
  39. The Mckearin chart number GXV-26 Whitney Glass works half pint flask.
  40. G-II 72 Eagle/Cornucopia pint Flask Keene Marlboro Street Glassworks
  41. The GXIV-1 TRAVELERS COMPANION made in New Jersey......NOT!!
  42. GIII-7 Keene Marlboro or Coventry Connecticut glass works.
  43. Samuel B Morris Continental Currency Signer.
  44. T. W. Dyott, His first paper labeled medicine bottle 1798-1805
  45. Caspar Wistar February 3, 1696 – March 21, 1752
  46. Waterford New Jersey G-II 55
  47. Early South Jersey Pitcher made by Solomon Stanger in Glassboro.
  48. Large colonial bowl
  49. wildroot bottle
  50. Old Listerine Bottle
  51. old bottle
  52. Westford Glass Works Bottle?
  53. Early South Jersey made Glass
  54. Rare Genuine, Swaims Panacea Philadelphia Very early tombstone shaped.
  55. Boston was famous for window glass in later colonial times.
  56. Johann Wilhelm Wentzel of the United Glass Company Wistarburgh
  57. MT. Vernon, NY. Mantua, Ohio,New England Glass Company Blown three mold decanters and cologne
  58. Early Southern New Jersey candlestick
  59. Historical Flask
  60. Granite Glass Company Matt Johnson made glass hat whimsy.
  61. Keene New Hampshire glass whimsy hats.
  62. The Clyde New York Glass works hat whimsy.
  63. A Whitney Glass works hat Glassboro New Jersey.
  64. Mt Vernon Glass Company hat whimsy.
  65. Mantua Ohio Franklin Mills glass works hat whimsy.
  66. 16 ribbed dark cobalt blue New England Glass company tall top hat.
  67. The Redford Glass works of New York glass hat whimsy.
  68. Capewell Glass Works Camden New Jersey flint glass hat whimsy.
  69. Dr.Mellens Cough Drops.
  71. The United Glass Company (Wistarburgh) shot glass or drinking vessel.
  72. Old decanter chest/ The Salem Witch Trials maybe?
  73. Colonial era light yellow sea green 10 ribbed,footed finger bowl.
  74. Early Germantown Glassworks Braintree Massachusetts Mallet style rum bottle.
  75. The Albany Glass house Mc'Clallen,Mc'Gregor and Co.1793
  76. Looped green and white pontiled Southern New Jersey made egg.
  77. An Artists painting of Stiegels Manheim Glass Works on a tumbler.
  78. The Cohansey Glass works Bridgeton New Jersey GX-9 Sailboat 1/2 pint historical flask.
  79. Stiegel made,blue,16 ribbed,footed salt or Jelly bowl.
  80. Calling Steve Sewell
  81. Baltimore Glass GW
  82. Comstock Patent Medicine and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
  84. Mt. Vernon Glass Company tumbler 1810-1820.
  85. The New England Glass Company: An early Philadelphia newspaper ad.
  86. Dr.Dyott is sentenced for Bank Fraud.
  87. An old newspaper: The Gazette Of Maine Portland 1825
  88. Glass bottle
  89. Lynch & Clarke New York. Mt Vernon Glass Works.
  90. Stiegel milk glass enameled British soldier 1772-1773
  91. Grant's Preferences
  92. You might have heard of this gentlemen.
  93. Old Homestead Wild Cherry Bitters Patented 1864
  94. Its time to say goodbye to everyone.
  95. GI-54 George Washington / Zachary Taylor Historical Flask.
  96. Glassboro New Jersey Solomon H. Stanger Glass works Lion cologne bottle.
  97. E G Booz returns home after 39 years!!
  98. GII-142 Indian Shooting Bird Flask
  99. Southern New Jersey made Colonial bowl.
  100. Lake Dunmore Salisbury Vermont Glass Factory items.
  101. James Lee's Glasstown Millville New Jersey.
  102. Early Southern New Jersey 16 ribbed Sugar Bowl 1810 to 1830
  103. Victorian Ladies glass items, Indian Maiden and a ladies Spittoon
  105. Wistarburgh 16 ribbed Dog Vessel.
  106. Cornelius Weygandt, Stiegel glass and signed book
  107. Stanger Glass Works, Glassboro New Jersey dark Amber Chestnut 1780-1792
  108. Stiegel,Manheim Glass Works, Joined Oil and Vinegar half pint bottles.
  109. New England Glass Company Miniature Salt Hat cut fluted glass
  110. Lockport or the Cleveland glass works, Large hat whimsy.
  111. Previously owned by Cornelius Weygandt, Stiegel diamond salt cellar
  112. July 8th is it an important date also? You bet it is!!
  113. Lafayette / DeWitt Clinton GI-81-A Half pint flask
  114. Under Lincoln's A s s they used to load glass.
  115. Boston area flint glass clear and golden yellow Swan 1820 to 1840.
  116. The GIII-7 Half Pint Coruncopia / Urn Coventry or Keene Glass Works
  117. Himmelreich & Bell Leesport PA
  118. A cool photograph circa 1850s
  119. GII-72,GII-72a and the GII_72b Eagle / Cornucopia Pint flasks.
  120. Zanesville Globular Swirl Flasks
  121. Boston and Sandwich Glass Company GI-29 and another 3 mold
  122. Whitney glass works large flared Leghorn hat.
  123. Couple of nice very historical Baltimore flasks.......and a swan song.
  124. ceramic pitcher
  125. Looking for any information on this antique glass/silver flask
  126. Found Bottles
  127. Early Inkwell
  128. "Orange peel" effect
  129. walkers of kilmarnock bottle with pewter mounts
  130. S Farbers
  131. Flask with sand embedded in it
  132. Jenny Lind arrives in America,and appears on many collectable flasks
  133. The Etna Glass works at the Tuskarora Creek 4 miles north of Frederickstown Maryland 1752
  134. Early American bottles
  135. Seltzer Bottle
  136. Scroll flask with applied collar
  137. GXIII-60
  138. GI-85-a LAFAYETTE- LIBERTY CAP pint sized flask from Coventry Connecticut
  139. The Jersey City Glass Works 1824.
  140. Jersey Glass Works large Chemical/Beaker bottle.
  141. One of a kind embossed T. W. Dyott very tiny vial
  142. GII-37 Ravenna Glass Company Eagle / Anchor Flask
  143. GI-121 Columbia bust / eagle B&W
  144. Lees Patent and Family Medicines New York
  145. GI-26 American Eagle / Washington Pictoral Flask and Its Variants
  146. Historical / Figured flask collection available
  147. Sweet find
  148. historical flask
  149. What really happened at Crowleytown.
  150. The Moore Brothers at Fislerville Clayton New Jersey
  151. McKearin, Wilson Updates
  152. need help Identifying
  153. Holtzermann's Patent Stomach Bitters Piqua Ohio 1870
  154. Westville Flint Glass Works 1864 to 1902
  155. Crowleytown Gothic Pickle shards the historians go it right.
  156. identify information Gettysburg glass decanter bottle 1917
  157. Wistarburgh 1740 to 1750 ( mallet ) or Porter bottle.
  158. Historical Flask Eye Candy
  159. Hope this is suitably Hostoric?...
  160. Question re: D.L. Ormsby
  161. Crowleytowns last day.
  162. Bixby Bottles
  163. Black Glass Mallet 1750 to 1760 Wistarburgh early copy of the English type
  164. The Estellville Glass Works New Jerseys Stonehenge
  165. Kensington Glass works G-II-43 Eagle / Cornucopia half pint flask
  166. G-I-129 Franklin Delano Roosevelt TVA Norris Dam Quart Calabash
  167. Dixie glass works
  168. Martini and Rossi bottle
  169. What a glass blower would make at the end of a long hard day....
  170. Owens Illinois Trade Mark
  171. Christmas Coke Bottle
  172. A group of blackglass octagonals
  173. Wanted Maltese Glass bottles
  174. Weber & Rupp, Unlisted?
  176. Dutch Onion Rum Bottle
  177. GI-54 Washington - Taylor Flask ?
  178. Earliest Style of Pontil Scars on Black Glass ?????
  179. Philadelphia Glass Works
  180. Was there ever a g-111 8 cornucopia and urn flask made in aqua?
  181. G111-8 in aqua
  182. Here is another book that should be searched for.
  183. Real? Early american blown sugar jar?
  184. Concentric Eagle Flask
  185. possible stoddard dug in exeter NH
  186. glass bottle info
  187. real or fake I'd say reproduction s
  188. Old bottle magazines lots of them
  189. HOODS SARSAPARILLA.....Makes the Weak Strong
  190. 1788 Newspaper clippong
  191. Dip Mold
  192. Philadelphia / Kensington / Dyottville Glass Works
  193. R. Boehmer Mt. Kisco, NY
  194. Old light green bottle
  195. Two bottles just need to know what they r
  196. Eye drop / Ear drop bottle ("P" in pennant marking)
  197. How old are these bottles and what are they worth
  198. Lincoln's Catarrh Snuff Brunswick Maine Bottle
  199. Vegetable Bitters Welch & Currier Lawrence MA Paper Label Bottle
  200. Caleb S. Burdsal of Cincinatti
  201. Brewery Products Limited - some pic's and brief history
  202. Dug this bottle up the other day day and my words I dont know much about it if you g
  203. Looking to find cap information