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  1. Embossed Pint milk but no dairy name
  2. maple grove ill war milk
  3. Looking for Valley Book dairy bottles, Iron Mountain Michigan
  4. Ghrist dairy farm. Coal center pa
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  8. Mohawk Dairy..Sparta NJ
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  11. Richmond Va Bottle Wanted
  12. tarbell guernsey farms quart bottle, smithville flats, new york
  13. Ultimate Search for Bradshaw Dairy Bottle from Roosevelt NY Long Island
  14. Merry Christmas to me: Jack's Dairy
  15. F B Waste pure milk Mondovi Wis qt 1915 vintage
  17. Milk Route Back Issues Wanted
  18. Watts & Watts Narragansett Pier squatty hp
  19. Towar's Wayne County Creamery
  20. Federal Prison Milk
  21. Milk Bottles Wanted!!
  22. old wire bail Wood Brook, Plainsfield, NJ half pint milk
  23. Jersey Dell Dairy, New Alexandria PA
  24. Delaware County PA Milks
  25. SE Mass Milks Wanted...
  27. maryland milk bottle question
  28. Schade Dairy- North Irwin
  29. Soeder sons milk co
  31. Looking for Union County PA milk bottles
  32. WAWA dairy gill
  33. Milk Bottles Wanted...
  35. Perry Creamery 1/2 pint bottle
  36. I have a lot of new additions....
  37. Perry Creamery 1/2 pint
  38. Perry Creamery Pictures of 1/2 pint bottle
  39. Milk Bottles --- Search
  40. Oddity given to me. (Yes, I'm odd too.)
  41. Matuella's Hazleton, Pa
  42. looking for a wiest Dairy Milk bottle, I hear they still are a few around
  43. Indian Cheif Milk.
  44. Cornell University Milk Bottles
  45. Quart milk digs
  46. Still have questions:
  47. Help Identifying Maker?
  48. Eureka Milk bottles wanted!
  49. COOL! Old Sheffield's notice
  50. Utah farm finds
  51. POULOS BROS. farm
  52. University Milk bottle
  53. Eureka Illinois milks wanted! Please!
  54. Finally Got One...
  55. Ashley Dairy of Battle Creek, Michigan.
  56. I Dug Dozens of Metal Milk-Caps.
  57. Dug this milk bottle not my area i know nothing about it. Help?Please.
  58. Thatchers...Any good?
  59. Grover Cleveland Cap?
  60. Recently added a few new locals
  61. New Member
  62. Milk bottles
  63. W. F. Stroup, Briar Pl., Chicago
  64. Bottles Wanted: Naval Academy Dairy Farm
  65. Embossed colored milk bottles wanted
  66. 4 for 1 Local Milks
  67. Biloxi, Mississippi Milk Bottle
  68. Milk box and milks Stocker Bros Dairy
  69. all kinds of bottles
  70. A Michigan Milk
  72. Cream-Separator Ads from 1912.
  73. Looking for Wisconsin milk bottles
  74. Indian Knoll 1 gallon bottle
  75. University of Tennessee Creamery quart bottle
  76. Alcoa Dairy milk bottle
  77. Two Unlisted Very Rare MD Milks Need Help On Value
  78. Moore's Milk, Port Jervis N.Y.
  79. Looking for Montgomery county md milks
  80. Just listed Winchester Indiana Dairy Hill's Dairy Milk On Ebay
  81. Kobarg Dairy Galveston Texas Gill Milk
  82. Looking to buy colored milk bottles
  83. Sunnyside Dairy Milk Bottles
  84. Gold Star Dairy - sour cream pint - toronto ontario
  85. Pure Milk Corporation Limited - hamilton ontario milk jug
  86. Eureka illinois milk bottles wanted!!
  87. Neat Milk Bottle Find: H.F. Pertzsch Dairy Onalaska, Wis.
  88. Lake Drive Dairy - Bracebridge Ontario acl milk jug
  89. Vorholt Bros Dairy
  90. Arizona milk
  91. Dairy Go-withs
  92. Something Fishy About This Milk
  93. Hillside Dairy Huntsville Ont - Milk cap , jug ?
  94. Wanted...
  95. Brooklands Dairy - Milford Bay Ontario milk jugs
  96. Leduc Dairy -Hawkesbury Ontario acl milk jug
  97. 10 quart or 8 quart milk bottles WANTED
  98. T aylor and Pringle
  99. Wanted Florida Round Pyroglazed Milk Bottle Qts.
  100. Florida PRQ'S wanted
  101. WANTED 10 quart milk bottles.
  102. crown cap milk
  103. West Side Dairy West Sacramento 1/2 Pint
  104. Looking for these Illinois Milk Bottles
  105. Crabapple Creek Dairy Bottle
  106. Any information on this Farmland Dairy, 1qt milk w/creamer top from Paterson, NJ?
  107. Green Meadows Dairy - Tucson, Arizona
  108. Eaton Ohio Milk Bottles
  109. PA/NJ Milk Bottles ID/info
  110. 100's of Ontario milk bottles for sale
  111. Hygienic Dairy, Brantford
  112. Unusual vVgnette
  113. Another Unusually Vignette?
  114. Looking for milk bottle books!
  115. school milk bottle?
  116. Looking for a copy of this milk bottle makers marks book?
  117. Orillia Dairy company Half Pint Milk bottle
  118. 3 Store Milk Bottles
  119. Lake Katrine, NY Milk bottle for sale plus another quesrion
  120. Foremost Dairies acl milk jug
  121. Monroe County PA milk bottles
  122. Looking for a Cloverleaf dairy milk bottle, Asheville NC
  123. P.M. Davidson Milk Bottle
  124. Jersey Gold Dairy
  125. Anyone seen a Noank, Conn milk like this before?
  126. Consumers Dairy
  127. Embossed milk
  128. BECO milk bottle
  129. Dellwood world war 2 milk bottle!!!
  130. 1/4 Pint or Gill Milks, embossed, Owosso and Detroit??
  131. Scott-Powell date codes
  132. Eagle Brand sun colored half pint
  133. Page Dairy Co - Toledo/Mansfield Ohio milk jug
  134. The Citizen's Dairy - Barrie Ontario half pint milk jug
  135. Anyone know this dairy?
  136. Coffee creamers
  137. Alta Vista Three*Rivers One Pint milk bottle
  138. Bracebridge Dairy - smaller size acl milk jug
  139. Milk bottles
  140. Milk bottles
  141. came across some Ontario dairy milk caps
  142. Just aquired some Connecticut milks and a middletown RI milk.
  143. Looking for 1 gallon milk jars with the glass rings that hold the handle
  144. Burks Falls Ontario dairy cap
  145. O.J./O.T. Smith Jersey Farm (Memphis) Milk Bottle
  146. The Connecticut Dairy, Milk Bottle and Cap Directory!
  147. More milk base codes
  148. Pa milk botte
  149. Erin Dairy - Erin Ontario milk bottle
  150. ISO: John Schlaff Creamery - Detroit or Chesterfield MI
  151. ACL Milk
  152. Looking for Milk Bottle Caps From These Towns
  153. Iso
  154. Trying to date a Wawa Dairy pint
  155. ISO Ralphs Milk bottle
  156. Hudson Bay Dairy Milk Jug Canada
  157. ISO Campoamors Modern Dairy Farm (Tampa FL) Milk bottles/caps
  158. Scarce ? Riverview Farm / Lowell { Near Marietta } Ohio / 1/2 Pint Milk Bottle Find
  159. Zuschlag Bros. Half Pint
  160. Humanch of Holland, Mi??
  161. Peoples Cooperative Limited Milk Bottle - Rare?
  162. What Milk Looks Like After 60 Years
  163. Milk crate
  164. Canadian Dairy Creamers
  165. Ultimate Search Continues - Bradshaw Dairy Milk Bottle
  166. Any help would do Filston Farm ???
  167. W D Boeshore Dairy, Lebanon, PA
  168. "Favorite Dairy Co"?
  169. The Ideal Milk Co. Portsmouth, O.
  170. Rockcliffe Dairy - Milk Jug Ontario
  171. Amethyst Mount Pleasant Dairy Bottle
  172. Few Milks - can't find information on one from langhorne, PA
  173. North Bay pure milk dairy - Milk Jug
  174. L. Walliman South Globe Dairy Bottle Information Globe, AZ
  175. Chocolate milk
  176. New to forum
  177. Help with origin of a milk bottle
  178. High Ground Dairy, Brooklyn NY
  179. Hills Modern Dairy
  180. Metzger milk gallon
  181. Lake Drive Dairy embossed milk jug Bracebridge Ontario
  182. Amber or Brown Quart slug plate Memphis Dairy Tenn Pure Milk Union St.
  183. Challenge Milk bottle
  184. holland dairy malaga calif...
  185. Heartbreaking early milk!
  186. Cheshire Sterilized