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Harry Pristis
08-06-2003, 09:13 PM
I have been unable to identify the initials on the seal of this black glass " magnum." I don' t know if is PL or TL or PS or TS and so on. Anyone have any ideas about this bottle.

What I believe is that this is English, made about 1800 (plus or minus 15 years). The bottle stands 12 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter.

I have searched Roger Dumbrell' s book, but couldn' t identify the seal there. (Interestingly, Dumbrell does not use the term " magnum" in his book. Am I mis-using this term?)

Thanks for your help!
------------Harry Pristis


Harry Pristis
12-14-2003, 02:24 AM
One British collector in a private communication suggests this seal says "PS", but had not seen this seal before. Based on these pix, he dates the bottle to 1810-15.

The capacity of this bottle is 77 ounces, with enough space for a cork. That is, about 227cl (or 2.27 liters).

Van den Bossche describes an "Irish quart (from 1695) = 111.53cl". Two Irish quarts would be 223.06cl, a comfortable fit in this bottle. This measure would leave a bit of space in the neck.

I guess I shouldn't call this a "magnum." This sealed bottle has a significantly greater capacity than a magnum.

Van den Bossche figures a magnum from 1800-1820, and give the capacity as "2 standard Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Champagne bottles"; that is, 1.5 to 1.56 liters.

-----------------Harry Pristis

12-14-2003, 02:46 AM
i suspect this bottle is actually american made.
In his book American Sealed Bottle, author Dale Murschell has many american made sealed bottles listed.
He has this exact bottle shown in his book as MOST LIKELY MADE IN GLASTONBURY CONN.
Thanks adelpit346
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