View Full Version : Need some info on bottle

10-14-2004, 12:26 PM
I have two ale bottles,three piece mold,green with small bubbles in glass.On each bottle there is an oval label with a pic of a small 4 story hotel,that says Windsor sparkling Ale,bottled by E.C.Hazard&co 74 grove st NEW YORK.On the neck is a label that states "this ale recieved the highest award at the Centennial exhibition,Philadelphia,1876.On the neck are the remains of a twisted wire,that was used to hold in some type of stopper.Im thinking maybe it was the house ale at the Windsor hotel.?I have tried to see if the windsor hotel still exists,and it does on hotel websites,but no info on the age of hotel.Thanks for any info on this,its my first post.John[8|]