View Full Version : Crane extract bottle

John Sudul
10-21-2003, 03:33 PM
Here is a bottle which I can find no information about. The bottle itself , Measures 5 1/2 ", height ,1 3/4 " ,wide. The neck of the bottle is 3/4" and the body of it is thinner than the top(neck).It is embossed on the front with a picture of a crane putting its beak through the letter c. Embossing on front says"CRANE EXTRACT CO. DAYTON, O."The back of this bottle is embossed with the letter "C" ,the same as the c on the front of the bottle. No pontil mark on the bottom, top of bottle is bent , seam stops about 1/16 " above the first collar, above the body of the bottle. Anybody know any info. on this bottle? Thanks![;)]


John Sudul
10-22-2003, 12:28 PM
Hi Geogod98, Thanks for the info. Your one of the only other people I have heard from that found one too. John