View Full Version : A pinched half-leaf type of webb on a demijohn.

RED Matthews
05-11-2009, 11:35 PM
Hello to you bottle people; Well it meant taking the wicker off but here is a picture of a naked demijohn with a closed mold pinch of glass on side of the neck. This one is a quarter inch thick and three inches long. It was just left there as part of the bottle. This demijohn is the one that has the long strange empontilling mark on the bottom. I will show it in the next post just for the timing of this continued bottle mystery.
RED Matthews


05-12-2009, 09:21 AM
Its a bit hard to see in that photo but it almost looks like something which was done after the bottle was removed from the mold. Very odd.

RED Matthews
05-12-2009, 01:09 PM
Hi Matt, I have to agree with you because the pinch is not in line with the mold parting lines. It is almost like a pincher type of tool grabbed the side of the neck to pull it straighter up and down. The pontil is even more confusing but apparently at this point of forming the bottle, the gaffer had to have applied hot glass to a punty that had a long narrow edge on it to hold the bottle. The strip of thicker glass on top of that bottom illustrating picture seems to be a foreign piece of glass that got blown into the side of the demijohn.

There just isn't any references to this type of production work. The finish is obviously a straight taper applied glass formation.

I am equally sure that it was made in a wooden mold because of the burn off of the parting line in the mold seams, especially on the shoulder. I am also quite sure it was a wooden mold product, because of three cavity areas that were brushed clean of chared wood; giving those areas a bulged increase in diameter in those areas.

More later if I find out anything. I may have to take this one to NY for advise from Corning and Wheaton staff members.
RED Matthews.