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04-13-2005, 07:26 PM
Just a note to let people know of an incident that occured. If you have website or a newsletter, please put a notice out.
Four boxes mostly of jars were stolen at the Baltimore show.
If found, no questions asked.
Quick run down in case someone is approached is
47 midget jars:
15 improved topped midgets including two green crowns
32 regular midgets including
Mason's 404
Mason's 111 (2)
dark blue (2)
Ideal Imperial
The Ideal
Mason’s Patent Nov. 30 58 (not 1858) (3)
The remainder had CFJ on front, hero cross reverse, plain 1858, etc.
amber Globe pint
half gallon amber and aqua lightning
half gallon Lynchburg Mason
half gallon green Swayzee Mason
half gallon medium olive green Balll
half gallon light green Mason’s Patent Nov. 30th 1858
Colorado mini jug
green miniature pub jug
1/8 pint pottery cheese crock with BI (Brannif International)
Ball belt buckle
Ball employee badge from Ashville, NC
Root glass paper weight
2 Buckeye lids
1/2 pint Pine P Mason
1/2 pint Crown Mason
1/2 pint Good Housekeepers Mason
1/2 pint Drey Perfect Mason
Dixie jelly
1/2 pint As You Like It Horseradish
That's a quick synopsis of the items.
They were taken while loading at the end of the show.
Thank you for your assistance and please pass this to as many people as you can.