View Full Version : Embossed bottles with wings.

RED Matthews
09-16-2009, 11:43 PM
This is strange, but it has hit on a bottle mystery I have been for a few years. I have two bottles with the illustration of a bottle with wings.

One of them is a quart soda and the front panel has a large outlined star with about 2" point to a cross point. In the center of that star there is a bottle with two wings in an upward direction like it is flying out of the star. Today I discovered with a magnifying glass that the words "/ TRADE MARK " are embossed on that little bottle image.

The other is a half pint soda with a bottle in the center of the front panel. That bottle appears to be a soda bottle with two wings.

I am trying to tie these bottles with a location, or a glasshouse, or just to see how many others have used this embossed symbol. I will appreciate you thoughts or information.
RED Matthews