View Full Version : Digging in my older collected bottles.

RED Matthews
09-19-2009, 01:00 PM
Well, it is always fun to ding in the old boxes of your old bottles. I found a nice one that I hadn't seen in at least ten years. It was an old soda type bottle with an applied almost straight taper and bit of sloppy glass under it. The bottle seems clouded and no doubt came from as under water life for a while. Two main features that caught my eye were; 1. That it had an 1-1/4" domed iron punte pontil with the white lead paste hard on it. 2. It had three letter cutting errors.
One was a reverse N in the word MINERAL
Another with the letter R a the end of WATER
And the third with the letters for ST reversed to TS
The lettering layout is: "/MINERAL WATER " with a slight arched form.
over "/ BY "
and under that: "/ HASSINGER & OBRIEN "
under that: "/ 17 & OFALLON S ST " with the ST raised.
under that: "/ STLOUIS " with the T raised.

I will be interested in any other information anyone can add. I am putting together quite a few lettering cutting error samples. Thanks, RED Matthews