View Full Version : Hello All,Lots of help needed with my collection!

01-21-2004, 05:41 AM
Hello Fellow bottle collectors,
I'm from Upstate N.Y. and have quite a few bottles that i need help with,matter of fact i have around 4 or 5 crates full of privy dig/eerie canal finds/celler hole metal detecting bottle finds aswell as a few flea market buys.
Now the problem is that i have so many that i need help identifing/rarity and value and if a few should be keepers then please tell me.
All my bottles i figure range from 1820's to the late 1960's,due to some research in the bottle making processes"sorry no plantation bitters,lol",but i think a few of you collectors would be VERY interested in a couple especialy my older ones in which may be one of a kind.
I do have a digital camera so i will post a few at a time "if i can get help from anyone,which im sure i will" and i'll read the respones tommrow and start postin pics.
Also i will consider selling a few or a bulk of them when identified or even some of my personal favorite keepers.And since im living in a VERY historic area of the Upstate N.Y region that i will even look for bottles you may need,just tell me...
Thanks Everyone for thie time,and i hope that i get some replys....
PS-pic's will be commin tommarow

01-21-2004, 07:46 AM
Hey lightning, I have a 2000+++++ bottle collection here in Maine. We are always looking to buy quanity at a fair price! I dont know it all about every bottle but with reference books up to the ceiling, and this bottle forum I can usually find my way in the dark.... Taz

Maine Digger
03-02-2004, 06:24 PM
Hey White Lightening - I too am new to this group of demented dirt diggers! "Can you dig it, yes I can"[8D] Ahem, anyway ours is a hobby, no an addiction that never goes away. Each glint of glass within those cobs of dirt is like diamonds to me. I grew up south of you down in the Gunks by New Paltz, where there were a lot of great old cellar holes. You are indeed in a historic area of the state of NY, my wife and I attended a bottle show at Saratoga last year and visited the 'National Bottle Museum' in Balston Spa. If you get a chance, attend one of the shows, the people are friendly, and the deals are usually honest. I live in Maine now, and fortunately there's still old privys, cellar holes and dumps to be found. Last year in fact, my wife and I spent 2 months in a dump out in the woods behind the 5th hole of a golf course in westbrook, Me that no one had ever dug! We found open pontils, 10 Warner's, Liver & Nervine, stoneware jug unbroken, a ton of medicines etc. oh, and lots of golf balls. I will also be posting some pictures of my bottles and the outhouse out back when I dig it this spring - I live in an 1830s house and have found lots of great things in the walls & the grounds. Look forward to seeing your bottles - Exiled NYR in Maine

03-02-2004, 07:04 PM
Hi WhiteLighting, welcome to the bottle forum [:D] .
You have found the best place to get the info you need [;)] . Do you have or ever find Codd bottles (or any other bottles with marble stoppers) in the us ? I have seen photos of a few but they don't seem as common as what they are in other parts of the world.

04-10-2004, 09:35 PM
well it took awhile for me to respond...lol
but thanks,and please check my help post.......
cause im unloading bottles and such from the late 1700's to 1960's.......