View Full Version : Patterned flask, real or repro?

03-31-2010, 11:48 AM
Ok, now I don't know much about flasks, and I know I've been posting links to ebay in my last couple posts, (I spend a lot of time there, its like walking through an antique bottle store, and when you're not digging it curbs a little of the craving!), but take a look at this beautiful patterned emerald green flask. Real or repro, its cool, but I don't know much about this type of glass. The neck seems both tooled and sheared at the same time, and the way the lip curls out doesn't seem right, but I'm no expert! Probably just a tad to cautious- but am trying to see the differences between the repros and the real. These types seem to be reproed quite a bit? Thanks! http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Chestnut-Flask-Bottle-PONTIL-Quilted-Diamond_W0QQitemZ170463958439QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH _DefaultDomain_0?hash=item27b07195a7

Regards, Jordan

Just Dig it
03-31-2010, 12:01 PM
Pairpoint 1930s-40s..i have the same one..Blown Here In New Bedford Mass

03-31-2010, 12:13 PM
Thanks Just Dig it, nice name by the way. well at least i can trust my eye sometimes at spotting repros. Thanks for the info! Still looks nice though, and will probably sell for what its worth. nice looking flask. Thanks again.


03-31-2010, 02:50 PM
I bought one just like it about 3 years ago. Didn't know it was a repro until I saw the base. At least I didn't pay as much as its already been bidded up to. Swiz