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01-31-2004, 10:16 PM
Anybody ever seen a bottle like this before ? My brother found this bottle in the Gulf of Mexico about 26 yeasr ago. We have yet to find any correct information pertaining to it's identification or origin. Any information you could offer would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to find an approximate value.

Black Bottle, 9.5" tall by 2.65" in diameter. If lighted from inside, Color is a deep yellowish - Green. The pushin bottom is crude and has a hand applied identification. (very difficult to see) of this: A B & Co the & symbol is actually written backwards. (shown on encoled picture)
3 piece Mold with hand applied lip with very defined stretch marks and deformation. Air bubbles present. Very crooked. was covered with barnicles.

another picture on next post. (shows crooked bottle on table)


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