View Full Version : Cocoline jar

02-24-2004, 05:54 PM
Hello, I am new here and don't know a lot about old bottles/jars...so hope someone can help me. I recently found a "cute", medium size cobalt blue jar (~ 2.5" dia. 3 1/4" tall) with a threaded metal lid (corroded and broken)....embossed with Cocoline on the body (the lower part of the C is brought across to underline the rest of the word)....and TRIUMPH MFG Co. / BUFFALO N.Y. on the base (in a circle, inside the base edge). With the lid on, it can't be seen if the seam goes to the lip, but it does go to the bottom 'ring' under the threads.

Does anyone have any info on this company...product (perhaps salve made with coconut oil?)...and dates of when this bottle is from? My googling came up with a mention of a Cocoline Chocolate Co. in Brooklyn...but I couldn't find any info on it (online, and dont intend to call NY). A cocoline.com website is in Chinese (?) and seems to be a clothing line. ?? Anyone find this type of jar before and know what was in it?

If you need an image....I will have to scan it...but can't do so immediately.