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Maine Digger
03-15-2004, 12:27 AM
Hey Kim!, glad to hear you still have all your appendages! lol. That was quite a discussion you got going, and you had some of us concerned, we were afraid we would never get our share of the gold you and you partner are going to find this year.

03-15-2004, 01:47 AM
Hi MaineDigger
LOL, Yes, still in one piece. Some of this older stuff is a bit concerning. I have a couple of old bottles still with medicine in them. I often wonder if there maybe residue left and because a lot of the bottles are not washed, would it be possible to absorb poisons through the skin? Obviously I wash my hands after handling but should, or do diggers and handlers wear gloves? Often gold detectors pop a nugget into their mouth after brushing the dust off. This was a very controverstial subject amonst detector operators as some believed it to be dangerous. Hopefully my nuggets are too big to put in my mouth so I don't have to worry lol. I am actually going back to a place where I got a few targets and started digging only to find old plates and bits of bottles. I am keen to go back and dig a little more carefully to see what turns up. The pic below is my helpmate, I dig the hole and she lays in it. LOL. This is the actual spot I found the bits'n'peices.


Maine Digger
03-15-2004, 01:57 PM
Kim, I do wear gloves generally when I dig as well as good leather work shoes. Mostly to protect from cuts from broken glass or rusty metal, and sharp wire. As with any chemical though you should take care. Many arsnic compounds absorb readily through the skin, and I don't want to think about inhaling some of that stuff. As far as gold prospecting goes, I read that in the old days there was a lot of accidental poisoning due to the use of mercury to separate out the gold. That's a pretty dog you have there, watch her paws if you get digging around in a tip!