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02-08-2012, 09:29 AM
Can anyone tell me anything about this bottle's age/value? I can't seem to find this particular one on the internet anywhere. Thanks! :)




02-08-2012, 09:38 AM
I'm not sure if the other picture will work, so here's a different link.


02-08-2012, 12:22 PM
Hello AntiqueLover,

Welcome to the Blue Pages & thanks for bringing the Levengood's. It appears to be from Pottstown, PA. A pyro model just sold @ that eplace. (http://www.ebay.com:80/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170771126185&_trksid=p2992.m753)

You didn't mention the size. If real small, it might be a creamer. If half pint or larger, perhaps a cottage cheese, or sour cream...

I'm guessing it to be from the 30's or 40's. I cannot make out any maker's mark from your photos.

"Name: David D. LEVENGOOD
Sex: M
Birth: 1869
Death: 2 APR 1947 in Pottstown, Montgomery Co., PA
Burial: 8 APR 1947 Edgewood Cem., Pottsgrove Twp. Montgomery Co., PA
Note: D.D. LEVENGOOD, DIES, HEAD OF DAIRY CONCERN77-Year-Old Pottstonian Developed Industry From Small MilkBusinessDavid D. Levengood, 77, of 371 Walnut street, president ofLevengood Dairies with plants in Pottstown and Norristown, whichhe developed after coming to Pottstown from farms 55 years agoand engaging in the delivery of mild with a horse drawn wagon,died yesterday morning at 6:40 o’clock in Pottstown hospital.He was admitted to the hospital Sunday after suffering a heartattack Saturday. His death was attributed to uremia poisoningand a cardiac condition.He was born on a farm in Zieglerville, a son of the late DavidS. and Catherine (Drey) Levengood. In early youth he helped hisfather on the farm and 55 years ago he moved to Pottstownfollowing his marriage to Miss Alberta K. Saylor.He then resided at the northwest corner of Queen and Pricestreets and started in the milk business with a horse and wagon.He did all the work himself, but at the end of five years hisbusiness grew and he purchased the property at 371 Walnutstreet, where he erected a dairy with modern machinery a therear of his home.Twenty-five years ago he erected the present plant at Chestnutand Washington streets, and five years later he further expandedthe business by opening a plant at Spruce and Cherry streets inNorristown. He also had a dairy in Philadelphia, but some timeago he sold this plant.His son, Earl S. Levengood, 371 Walnut street, has been apartner in the dairy business for many years.Mr. Levengood was always proud of photographs showing him at theside of his horse drawn milk team. One of them shows himstanding with the late Sumner B. Frick, onetime school teacherhere.Mr. Levengood often spoke of the great changes in the milkbusiness during the past 50 years. It was about 30 years ago,he recalled when the distribution of milk in bottles wasstarted. Prior to that the milk delivery man scoped the milkfrom large cans and the customer generally was the recipient ofan extra scoopfull.In later years, he engaged in the manufacture of ice cream. Hewas a great lover of music. He was of a family of ninechildren. His father was organist of the historic SwampLutheran church and directed the choir composed of his ninechildren. David never lost his love for good music.He was a member of the Emmanuel Lutheran church for more thenhalf a century and was at one time a member of the churchcouncil.He was a member of the Pottstown Rotary club, was a faithfulmember of the Brotherhood Bible class of Emmanuel Sunday schooland had attended every service for two-and-a-half years up tolast Sunday. At the hospital, he expressed regret at beingunable to attend service.His wife, Alberta (Saylor) Levengood, died in 1934." From. (http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=kylem86&id=I1397)

"First, a little history. CD’s Place, located in Boyertown, Pa. is one of three “cup” restaurants in this region (the others are located in Pottstown, Pa. and Pennsburg, Pa.). These cup restaurants were constructed in the early 1940′s and were owned by Levengood’s Dairy. Originally they were operated as walk up ice cream stands. The buildings for seating were added on in subsequent years." From. (http://www.cdsplace.com/about/)

http://www.ohiobarns.com/othersites/buildings/pa/Bld38-46cup.jpeg "Built by Levengood Dairy in Pottstown in the 1940s as an outlet for thier milk and ice cream products." From. (http://www.ohiobarns.com/othersites/buildings/pa/Bld38-46cup.html)

02-08-2012, 12:39 PM

It is marked "ONE PINT LIQUID" and there is what appears to read "BB48" near the bottom of the bottle. On the very bottom it looks like "31 B". I didn't even think to add the markings... guess I wasn't fully awake yet, haha.

Thank you for the history! It sounds like the Levengoods were a busy bunch! Wow! :)