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Found this gem diggin' today. happy Father's Day.


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Hey Taye,

Nice Father Forward milk. There's an excellent history of James W. Forward here. (http://www.mariposaresearch.net/santaclararesearch/SCBIOS/jwforward.html)

"The Forward Dairy had its own soda fountain, as did the American Dairy. " From. (http://www.sanjoseinside.com/news/entries/old_time_san_jose_creameries/)


06-17-2012, 09:46 PM
that is cool..i have one from vendome dairy san jo i dug some time ago.,never found much info on it..great find..wish i knew a dump around here all my spots are dried up...

06-18-2012, 12:29 AM
sorry wrong post

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You're welcome. [8D]


Hey Dan,

"Dairy interests of Santa Clara County find an enterprising representative in Andre Azevedo, who by his practical, progressive and scientific methods has made the Vendome Ranch one of the show places in Northern California. He keeps abreast of the times in every way and his diligence and determination have brought to him well-deserved success. He was born on the Isle of St. George, in the Azores, January 10, 1874, the son of John Mattos and Izabel (Santos) Azevedo. For many years the father successfully engaged in general farming, but he is now living retired on that island at the age of eighty years, and the mother also survives.

Mr. Azevedo is the fourth in a family of thirteen children and he acquired a fair education in the public schools of his native island, on which he continued to reside until his seventeenth year, when he sought his fortune in the United States, six of the family having already preceded him to this country. Landing at Boston, Mass., he journeyed to San Mateo, Cal., and for a season was employed in driving the horses for a hay press, receiving $1.50 per day. In October, 1891, he went to Point Reyes, in Marin County, where he worked for two years, after which he went to Sausalito, and with his hard-earned savings purchased a one-eighth interest in the White Kitt Ranch, near that place. Owing to the general business depression then ,existing throughout the country, he made slow progress and at the end of twelve years removed his share of the business, consisting of eighty head of stock, to another ranch, becoming a partner of Manuel S. Casho, and for five years they were associated in dairying. Mr. Azevedo then acquired possession of the dairy, which he later removed to Novato, forming a partnership with M. T. Freitas, now a retired capitalist of San Rafael. This relationship continued successfully for nine years, when the business was sold to Messrs. Hill & Kilpatrick, its present owners, and while a resident of Novato Mr. Azevedo was instrumental in organizing the Novato Bank, of which he remained a director until recently.
In 1919 Mr. Azevedo came to the Santa Clara Valley and became one of the owners of the Vendome Dairy, located on the Brokaw Road. north of San Jose. His business associates are F. S. Soares, M. A. Silveira and Frank Scamas, all of whom are prominent residents of San Francisco, and proprietors of the San Francisco Dairy Company. They lease 420 acres, of which 300 acres are situated near Alviso, while the 120-acre tract is located on the Brokaw Road, where Mr. Azevedo resides, and they are the owners of 300 head of 'stock. The Vendome Dairy furnishes employment to eleven men, is modern, sanitary and well equipped. Mr. Azevedo possesses that expert knowledge of his occupation which can come only through long practical experience and is ably and intelligently conducting the dairy, which he has made one of the models of its kind in this section of the state.

On September 25, 1899, Mr. Azevedo was married to Miss Anna Bettencourt, who came to California with her brother in 1893, locating at Sausalito. Four children have been born to them: Manuel, a resident of San Rafael, married Miss Rosa Matos, of Novato, by whom he has one child; John, of Sunnyvale, Cal., married Mary Machado, the daughter of F. A. Machado, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this volume; Andrew and Eva are attending school. Mr. Azevedo gives his political allegiance to the Republican party and is a member of the Church of Five Wounds at East San Jose. He is a charter member of the Milk Producers Association of San Francisco, and for the first four years following its organization was a member of the board of directors. He is a member of the Ancient Order of Druids and is also identified with•the U. P. E. C., the I. D. S. I., of which he is a past officer, and the I. D. E. S., of Oakland, Cal., of which he is the supreme officer." From. (http://www.mariposaresearch.net/santaclararesearch/SCBIOS/aazevedo.html)

Very interesting Vendome Ad. (http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1982&dat=19050801&id=V1tKAAAAIBAJ&sjid=OiENAAAAIBAJ&pg=1231,1134618)


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this is the end...

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Hey there! I tried private messaging you a while back but didn't have any success, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in selling this bottle? My Grandpa used to work as a milkman in San Jose for Forward Dairy and every few months I do a google search hoping to find a bottle. Your post came up and I tracked you down! What do you think - interested??[:D] THANKS!


08-16-2012, 07:27 PM
Chelsea -

Just ran across the forum on the Forward Family Dairy and your post. I am the grandson of J. Walter Forward and the nephew of Robert Forward both one time owners of the dairy. Guessing age, I bet your grandfather worked for Robert, my uncle. My mother, Phyllis Forward Simpkins, Robert''s sister, recently passed away and going through her things found several bottles from the dairy. (Don't get excited) We were hoping to find more bottles to pass on to the grand kids hence my Google search looking for more.

I don't know if you are still in the Santa Clara area but you might not know that the site of the original dairy is now located under the runway of the San Jose Airport. I spent a number of days hanging out at the dairy in my youth.

During our search and cleaning out, we found a note from my father to my mother - prior to marriage - telling her that he was sorry that he could not go to the movie that night because he was sick. The envelope that contained the note had a message to the Forward Dairy milkman to give to my mother, who at the time lived at the dairy.

Good luck in your search but I hope I beat to any bottles :)