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RED Matthews
07-26-2012, 05:52 PM
Hello all. I haven't posted on this section before, but I guess this is where this one should be.

I have a neat gallon jar where the threaded finish was machined in the top of the mold. In this circumstance, the mold swam goes all the way up to the top of the finish and that sealing surface has been ground. This process pre-ceads the transfer bead, put on later jars. to hang the parison in the final blow mold.

The jar has two circle slug plate with the following embossed lettering: "/ HORLICK'S " in the outside circle on top, "/ MALTED MILK in the bottom of the outer circle. In the center circle "/ TRADE M.M. MARK ". Under the center circles is a straight line embossed "/ RACINE - WIS - U.S.A. "

Checking eBay listings, I found that early jars were also supplied from LONDON ENGLAND.

The bottom has and embossed 7 and an X over an O and an H with an A under the cross bar of the H,. Which tells me this bottle was made by Hazel Atlas. The jar has a metal screw cap with the HORLICK'S stamped in the metal and an inside sealing cover.

Based on the prices achieved on eBay - I might as well keep it. If someone wants it for $75 plus shipping - I could part with it - because I am not really into jars. . RED Matthews