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09-26-2012, 02:57 PM
Looking for Milk Bottles, Milk Caps, Purchase Tickets, Letterhead, Photos, Promotional Handouts, Publications, Advertising & Everything Else associated with the Dairies emphasized within this post. If you currently have in your collection, are familiar with another's collection or simply know the whereabouts of the items sought, please get in touch with me today; not tomorrow. Feel free to use any of the following forms of contact provided below.

Please note, I am an avid Maine Milk Bottle collector and would love to discuss possible purchases, a trade or two plus stories behind the history of each Dairy.

PLEASE WRITE Kyle Thibodeau, PO Box 463, Washburn, ME 04786
SEND EMAIL kyle@pickaholics.com EVEN CALL (207) 200-JUNK
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Aroostook Farms Dairy, Presque Isle, Maine
Ramsdell's Dairy, Presque Isle, Maine
P.A. Ramsdell, Presque Isle, Maine
Northeastland, Presque Isle, Maine
Katahdin Creamery, Caribou, Maine
Farmer's Dairy, Caribou, Maine
E.J. Pangburn, Caribou, Maine
F.J. Blackstone & Sons, Caribou, Maine
Fred Blackstone & Sons, Caribou, Maine
Blackstone's Dairy, Caribou, Maine
LaPlante's Dairy, Caribou, Maine
H.W. Noble & Sons Dairy, Caribou, Maine
Thistle Dairy, Caribou, Maine
Guimond Farms, Caribou, Maine
Greenier's Dairy Farm, Caribou, Maine
C.E. Randolph, Caribou, Maine
H.B. Hitchings Dairy, Caribou, Maine
Allan Thomas / Green Meadow Dairy, Caribou, Maine
Anderson's Milk, New Sweden, Maine
Axel Johnson, New Sweden, Maine
Giggie's Dairy, Washburn, Maine
St. John Valley Creamery, Grand Isle, Maine
Gagnon's Dairy, Fort Kent, Maine
Sirois Dairy, Madawaska, Maine
Lavoie & Sons Dairy, Madawaska, Maine
Madore's Dairy, Van Buren, Maine
Walker's Dairy, Ashland, Maine
Lewis Tilley Dairy, Ashland, Maine
G.L. Brewer, Ashland, Maine
Daigle & Sons Dairy, Sinclair, Maine
McCrum Dairy, Mars Hill, Maine
Houlton Farms Dairy, Houlton, Maine
R.W. Williams & Sons, Houlton, Maine
A.E. Mooers / Meadow Farm, Houlton, Maine
Toner's Dairy, Houlton, Maine
Aroostook Condensed Milk Co. Of Maine

Thibodeau & Sons Dairy, Saco, Maine
Grant's Dairy, Bangor, Maine
Pine State Dairy, Bangor, Maine
R.B. Dunning & Co., Bangor, Maine
Dudley's Dairy, Passadumkeg, Maine
Arthur S. Lord / Lord's Dairy, Hallowell, Maine
Lindsay's Dairy, Lincoln, Maine
Drew's Dairy, Augusta, Maine
Brewer Dairy, Augusta, Maine
Hampden Creamery Co., Hampden, Maine
Fred A. Knight / Knight's Dairy, Calais, Maine

09-27-2012, 06:31 PM

This is a RPHP Grant's I have, I'll have to go find it but from what I remember it's in excellent shape.