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01-15-2013, 11:35 AM
I am not a bottle collector and neither were my parents. However, they never discarded anything that still worked, no matter how old. My Dad passed in April of 2004 (He would have been 98 last week) and my Mom passed on Thanksgiving in 2009. They had moved from Buffalo, NY after the "Snow Storm From Hell" in the winter 1977-78, to a Condo in Pompano Beach, FL and lived there until their respective passings. As the sole surviving child, I inherited the condo and spend about 4 months each winter living in it.

This morning, I went looking through all the spice cans and came upon the family cinnamon shaker. When I was growing up in Buffalo in the 1940s, we sprinkled cinnamon/sugar (which we mixed and put into a Durkee Famous bottle about 3" high with a red shaker (the 11 hole "5 pointed star" ) top. It was still 1/2 full of the mixture and I used it on my toast today. I am guessing the mixture is at least 10 years old and, of course, does not spoil. IT WAS GREAT AND BROUGHT BACK 70 YEARS OF MEMORIES.

When I googled "Durkee Famous Foods New York" bottle, I came upon this site and a thread from 2004 discussing the bottle. I do not know when they first started selling the bottle (probably originally filled with salt), but I am betting since the bottle was patented in 1877, mine is from the 1880s.
My Dad was born in 1915 in Buffalo and his parents lived in the house from about 1900 until they passed. Then my great-aunts (spinster sisters of my grandfather) lived in the house until the last sister passed in 1990. I spent all my childhood years visiting that house and I know my grandfather had the bottle and gave it to my father because he loved cinnamon/sugar as much as I do.

My children are not nostalgic and could care less if I keep the bottle. Therefore, if there is a Museum that would be interested or a collector, have them contact me at VegasPetie@aol.com

01-15-2013, 01:26 PM
Welcome to the forum Petie, nice story about your family and the bottle. They are very common bottles and I doubt there would be much interest from a museum or collector unless it had it's original label. These shakers often contained stuff like Celery Salt, Curry Powder and other spices, they also used these same bottles for marinades and salad dressings. Good luck with it whatever you decide to do and thanks for sharing with us....Jim