View Full Version : 3 labels on one bottle

01-23-2013, 09:37 PM
I've had this bottle with paper labels ever since I was young, I have no idea where it came from since I've had it since the 1980's, I don't think it was dug bottle since the 3 labels were together, I think it must have been bought at a tag sale or handed down from my Grandfather. The bottle had 3 labels together from 3 different local pharmacists, they were lightly taped together at the tip end of the paper, two of them I believe to be from the 1920's-30's, the last label is possibly from the pontil Era. Since they were different, I found 2 more slicks and carefully removed the labels and lightly taped them to 2 of the same size slicks and kept one on the original bottle they were on to began with. Did I mess up by making the 3 labels into 3 bottles? and how should I preserve them? I was thinking of taping over the labels to smooth them down or would the tape ruin the label?