View Full Version : German? coke bottle value

02-10-2013, 08:12 PM
Hi, i have a 1 liter coke bottle that i think has German writing on it. It states Pfand-Wert-Flasche on top and koffeinhaltige limonade under the coca cola signia midway. Also states schutzmarke under coca cola sig. midway.
There is no #'s on bottom of bottle, but on side of bottle on bottom #'s are D03-81 PLM-3, direct opposite side 1L? 103.5
It has a neat cap with German swimmer under cap in color, Klaus Steinbach, 1972 olmpic swimmer.

I also have another small coke bottle , looks to be around 10oz., states Memphis, Tenn. and #'s 66 04 on side.

What are the values of both?
If anyone on this forum wants them let me know!