View Full Version : Old medicine bottle? What are the markings? Need help!

03-28-2017, 12:39 PM
Need help to ID this open pontil. It stands 4 1/2 inch and is 2 inches wide. Found on a colonial house site and in same hole was horse shoes, a bridal, brass skeleton key and two heart locks. Only markings I can make out is QT on front panel and the number 293 on back panel at the base. I do know it's hand blown into mold since it has mold lines and pontil scar. Anyone ever seen anything like this before?

03-28-2017, 02:46 PM
Looks like a cologne bottle (like the Farina's)...Continental (European) circa 1860-1870.

07-03-2017, 02:13 PM
Can't tell with out closer inspection but kind of looks like in was made in a worn out mold or
a peened out mold .Then a paper label was used.