View Full Version : Whitney Glass works

05-27-2003, 10:01 PM
Maybe someone can help me on identifying a base embossed Wiskey. I thought I was very familiar with the Whitney Glass Works base embossed Whiskey' s . I have recently aquired a Whitney with an unusual base embossing ...Well , unusual to me anyway. I have a PATENT (shoulder embossed) Whitney applied top cylinder with the base embossing of : WHITNEY' S GLASS WORKS .
I have never seen the base embossing with the apostrophy " S " after WHITNEY .
I have seen and currently own the base embossed WHITNEY GLASS WORKS and the WHITNEY GLASSWORKS GLASSBORO , N.J. Cylinders.
Have I just overlooked this mold variant over the years ..... Or is this variant very uncommon ?
Any info and help on this matter ..... Age , Rarity would be much appreciated !
Thanks , Brian