View Full Version : Help with a freshly dug flask

06-24-2003, 11:23 PM
Hi! I have a flask which was freshly dug today and I could use some help in identifying the historical background. The bottle is clear (6 fl. oz.) with the description ' WARRANTED FLASK" embossed on the front panel. The bottle has an an applied double collar, which was crudely applied. What I find interesting , and of course stumps me, is that there are two evenly spaced raised mold seams on both sides of the bottle (3/8 " ) that converge to about 1/8" on the shoulder where they disappear at the point the top was tooled. Also the bottom, which is wobbly, has a raised mold seam that appears to be connected to the raised side seams.
Anyway, does anyone know what a WARRANTED FLASK is and where it fits in bottle history? And does anyone have info on mold seams? I have found lots of info on tops and bottoms, but nothing about mold seams and their relevance, if any, to bottle making
I have a digitial camera ordered so when it arrives and I have figured out how to use it, I will post a picture.

07-02-2003, 10:35 PM
Andy: Thanks for the help. based on some of the other bottles found at the dig, I believe the bottle is a whiskey flask. When I master the use of the digital camera, I will post a pic. As an aside, there isn' t any volume amount embossed on the bottle, I used a liquid measuring cup to determine the amount of liquid the bottle held.