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Recent content by 143Tallboy

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    Insulator with extra large base and an embossed rectangle - maker and date info?

    Yes, that's what I meant - it has 2 inner skirts underneath. There's only one price guide: https://www.insulatorpriceguide.com/ Well worth the money.
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    Insulator with extra large base and an embossed rectangle - maker and date info?

    That particular symbol is supposed to be a prism. It looks to be a CD 269.5 Prism in aqua. Does it have two inner skirts underneath? If so that's what it is - they currently book at 40 to $50 in aqua and 50 to 75 in blue. (looks more aqua to me though) Nice find!
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    Brookfield CD numbers?

    I sent you a PM. I have a sheet that will help but it's PDF and I can't post it here. I'd need to send it by email.
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    What Kind of Insulator? Also a 2-Patent.

    Here's a photo I posted a few years ago showing how they were used: https://www.antique-bottles.net/showthread.php?644375-Crude-glass-whatnots&p=644573&viewfull=1#post644573
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    Help identify an old insulator, Please

    Hi, Fellow Canadian here and an insulator collector. These are extremely common in Ontario and likely all through Canada and the USA. They are used on a metal rack that holds 3 of them for electrical service drops usually to homes. There's usually 2 120 V lines and a neutral to each home, that's...
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    Canadian LYMAN druggist/pharmacy/medicine bottle ?

    Hey Glen - I have a Lyman Montreal embossed bottle. I knew they must be relatively scarce because I'd never seen one before. I'll have to dig it out and post a picture. I think it's got a crack but it only cost me $1 at a flea market a few years back.
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    found a small light green insulator on a farm

    They made millions of those insulators. They were the standard telephone insulator for years, I'd guess 1895 to about 1915. Sometimes they have numbers on the back or the top. There is also a variant that has a very small number on the back (directly oposite the diamond) right below the wire...
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    For you insulator freaks

    Wow, awesome threadless! Lots of great Canadian stuff there! Just out of curiosity is he located in Canada?
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    Backyard Dig

    Great dig, love the blobs. It's a bit of a mystery why there was older stuff under them though. I couldn't see anyone leaving those great blobtops behind. Congrats.
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    Back in the (Bottle digging) game

    Thanks for the replies. It's nice to finally bring something home after 5 digging sessions and probably 12 hours total. I'm trying to ease back into it.I first injured my back in 2001 too and suffered through it for 12 years until the herniated disc got so bad it started pressing on my spinal...
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    Back in the (Bottle digging) game

    Been out of commission for a couple of years with a bad back. I had surgery to repair a herniated disc in August 2014 and I'm just now getting back to digging. I've been out maybe 5 or 6 times so far this fall with nothing to show. Things changed on Saturday though as you can see - I dug a local...
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    found this thing today....

    Very cool find. I would echo Jim's advice not to alter it in any way, you don't want to risk breaking the metal piece.
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    My new story in Antique Bottles & Glass Collector

    Excellent work! Keep 'em coming.
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    Poletop Auction

    Thanks Bill, that is the buyer's premium, so the buyer is looking at 9,520 + shipping (!) I have no idea how much, or even if there is a seller's premium that would get subtracted from the amount the seller receives. I would imagine there would have to be some sort of percentage there as well...
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    Poletop Auction

    Wow, the CD 780 went crazy in the auction - check out the link - ended at $8500!Super rare threadless in very good condition - keep your eyes peeled. This one is the exception due to rarity and condition but you'll still see lots of other threadless in the 100's and up into the 1000's - even...

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