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Recent content by American

  1. American

    Box of many old, dirty, bottles

    When my kids, who never really got in to bottles, have tried to buy me bottles , like for a birthday present, they usually get me things that look like this grouping. I secretly put them in the recycle bin. But hey, you only spent $1.50 - you could probably find that on the ground in front of...
  2. American

    Huge Hillside Private Farm Dump - Need Advice

    Yeah, you need a probe. A hundred feet is too much area to be digging deep trenches through roots haphazardly. My experience with hillsides has been good, but I the good stuff was always very deep.
  3. American

    Civil war opium bottle.

    That bottle definitely predates the Civil War, as far as when it was blown. It could have still been in service during the Civil War.
  4. American

    Is it worth digging?

    You are talking about an IRON furnace if it is that old. Definitely worth probing around if you are allowed.
  5. American

    Iron pontilled Mineral Water

    The way it was found would discount any post alterations of the soda it would seem, but it looks like the neck is too short and it reminds me of all the Savannah bottles with replaced tops. The instant giveaway on those Savannah bottles is that short neck. If the top has been replaced you can...
  6. American

    How much is too much?

    It's necessary to have done personal extensive research on antique glass, as in years. but generally the more you spend on a single bottle, the better. If you do your homework you will at least break even. So if you have thousands to buy a bottle, do it. I have been spending and selling many...
  7. American

    The dangers of digging

    A lot of glass housed made window glass as well as bottles. If you get in to one of those glass house dumps like I did in Medford NJ (Star Glass Works) WATCH OUT!
  8. American

    need serious help with pricing magnesias

    I give away anything that won't sell for $20 or more on ebay. People who don't know much about blown bottles are thrilled to get them for nothing. Why give them away you ask. Because you just can't hoard every blown bottle without making your collection look trashy. Specialization is the...
  9. American

    Authentic Buffalo Jar ??

    The fruit jar, not the wine bottle, will have seams even if it's hand blown because, as Robby just said, the metal is blown in to a hinged mold. There is another type of mold blown bottle that will not have seams, though, and that is a dip mold. That is a mold that looks like a cup. The cup...
  10. American

    Authentic Buffalo Jar ??

    And the turn mold horizontal "lines" are usually very easy to see like on this bottle.
  11. American

    need serious help with pricing magnesias

    Keep in mind that the vast majority of "buy it now" bottles on ebay do not sell
  12. American

    Authentic Buffalo Jar ??

    Ground lip is hand blown and smooth lip is machine made
  13. American

    Rumford Chemical Works

    Came to look at the bottle but now I am more interested in the tattoo on the palm of your hand.
  14. American

    Cool stone carving.

    I think you found something important. Nice to see something like that in NJ. It's definitely N. ore central Jersey since you can't find a rock bigger than a pebble in most of S. Jersey

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