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    A loss

    Thanks everyone. Can't sleep. Jamie's been so upset. We're still trying to work out a way to get there, but I know that the Lord handles things in his own time, so I'm leaving it with him. We appreciate your prayers. Thanks again, so very much.
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    A loss

    Seems that when things go wrong, this is one of the first places we come. You all have always been there for us and we know that. That is why I'm taking the time right now between my tears to ask that everyone here please keep us and Jamie's sister's family in your prayers. Her husband, Dean...
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    To all of Jamie's and my friends on here---I just wanted to thank you all for all of your wonderful words and prayers, and to ask you to please remember me in the coming weeks. The pain in my back seemed to be getting better, but I started having terrible pain in my left leg. Finally broke down...
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    Birthdays: Angelpeace & wonkapete

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I'm not on here a lot under my own login, but I am on here, usually under Jamie's login. This was the first site that Jamie and I visited regularly, and we still don't miss a day without checking in. All of you are such great people and I wish you all the...
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    Sulphides are some of the great ones!Yep they are reproduced,because they are so good...the rarer the figure inside the more the marble is worth....I have long wanted one ,but can't afford I would love to have is Moses in the basket...CAP. the unicorn one is very cool! The other...
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    Free Medicine Book Contest

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    In Bad Taste?

    If I have somen to sell I say if I put a pic. up and some one offers me a good price I go with that too..other wise I just say no..JAMIE
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    Free Medicine Book Contest

    My choice is was the first number that popped in my head!! PEACE!
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    Once again you all prove to me that there are none better than all of you on this site. FRIENDS in every sense of the word. Your kind words and prayers lift me up daily and keep me moving ahead toward the day I can stand on my own two feet again. Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! From the bottom...
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    We are all drug addicts!!![:)] THANK YOU COFFEE MAKERS[caffine addictive= speed...unless decaf i guess?],TEA MAKERS,PHIZER,MERCK,,POT,PCP,ACID,PAIN KILLERS,ON AND ON... OOPS SOME OF THAT IS MEDICINE AND THAT DON'T COUNT...THAT IS WHAT I TAKE [;)] My cousin used to drink non-acolholic beer...
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    I tried really hard to pick what I thought were the best pics. Here are my choices: REDGINGER #2 BLACKGLASS #3 BOSTAURUS#1 GLASSMAN #1 MILKGLASSBOTTLES #2 MADPADDLA #1 KTBI #1 ROADDOG #3 CYBERDIGGER #4 TD #1 JOETHECROW #4 BEENDIGGIN #1 Good luck everybody. It's going to be a...
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    Happy Birthday Angelpeace!!

    There isn't a person on this forum that I do not consider to be my VERY BEST FRIENDS. From our first days on this forum, all of you have been so kind and accepting. I LOVE YOU ALL! All these well wishes mean more to me than I can ever express in words. Thanks for making yourselves part of my...
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    Hello to all of you.

    Red, I don't write on here often, but I have been following what's been going on and keeping up with it through Jamie. I'm so thankful that you are feeling better and back in the fold. I, like so many others on here, have missed you so much. Please take care of yourself. There's so much bottle...
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    Barbers bottles for sale

    The last shot is of the base. Hope you like the pictures. If anyone is interested in buying either, please contact Jamie (glass man) and he'll get back to you. Thanks for looking.
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    Barbers bottles for sale

    Another shot of the decoration.

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