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    Clearock Soda?

    DrJ - It should be on your corner of the continent from ours by mid-late next week. I'm going to check in with some relatives 'back home' in NY to see if any recall this brand. I have e-mailed a request to the Peekskill NY historical society for information. I'm optimistic as 'Mr. Abele' and...
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    Abele Bottling Works Peekskill,N.Y

    Hi, Thanks so much for reaching out--that's v kind! Do you happen to still have? I'll be in both the Peekskill area and NYC in the next 4-5wks and after if that would work to meet. But understand if bottle's not avail. And happy bottle seeking.
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    Abele Bottling Works Peekskill,N.Y

    Hi Sam, Thanks so much for your note! I woke up to an ebay alert about your bottle and it's wonderful to connect that with someone from this community--so, Thank You! Out of curiosity, how did you come across it? Hope all is well.
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    Clearock Soda?

    Hi, I realize you posted about the Abele Bottling Works bottle 15yrs+ :) but thought I’d reach out anyway and ask if you still have it. If you do are you still willing to sell? As all the folks who responded to your post added Charles Abele ran Abele Bottling Works in Peekskill NY, he ran it...
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    Abele Bottling Works Peekskill,N.Y

    Hi, Are you interested in selling the bottle? I ask because I’m related to the Abeles—Charles Abele was my great x3 grandpa. He would run Abele Bottling Works with his brother Frank, by himself and then his son Henry would run it. In any event, I wanted to reach out and ask. Thank you. All best...

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