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    Early American mallets?

    These just don't look right to me I think they are modern reproductions.. Chris
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    What is the druggist with most variants in your collection?

    I have 15 different pontiled Davis & Millers from Baltimore. There are atleast another half dozen I don't have. Chris
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    Is there an older privy pit in this yard???

    I would say the square shaded in structure on the earlier map in the left hand corner was an earlier house. The back building is likely a stable or some kind of other animal related structure. I would think the earlier privies for the smaller 1850s house would be up closer to where they are. All...
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    Homemade Ground Penetrating Radar for Privy hunting

    So is this just the antenna? And you would still need a laptop and software compatible to this antenna? I'm very interested in this as being an urban digger I have had the chance to dig in many places with several feet of overburden or modern fill that prevent probing. Chris
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    New open pontil soda or beer

    That is a really cool bottle I'd love to see it in person... Chris
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    Pa. Dig.....not to bad

    Hard to believe its been 5 years since I dug this pit..... I did enjoy when we were digging hard in reading we found some really cool bottles and pottery there. Chris
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    Old unlisted med.or cologne

    I've actually been in on digging two of those york bottles and didn't get either one in the picks...... One had an outwardly rolled lip and the other a flared lip. I might have a picture of one of them around I will see if i can find it. And that's really sad about the Lee's bottle. Only the...
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    Mystery Shard

    there are wm Underwood pickles from boston embossed around the base I have dug them broken before in that same teal green color. Chris
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    LEE'S Medicine

    Blade here is a picture of my example. would like a mint one if anyone has one they are willing to part with. Chris
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    Saturday dig in philly

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    Saturday dig in philly

    We dug in philly again this weekend after a not so successful weekend of digging in Virginia last week. The pit was a bit shallower only a 26 footer but still had about 4 feet of nice pontiled layer. We got about 10 iron pontiled sodas and a couple nice pontiled meds and some other odds and...
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    what do you have that you want to get repaired or sell? email me some pictures. Chris
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    Iron Pontiled R. W. Babington Chester Nj. Soda

    We dug another decent philly pit this weekend I ended up with first pick and took this R.W. Babingtin Chester , Nj. pontiled soda. Does anyone have an idea about rarity or value on this one. Thanks Chris
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    Another Deep Philly Brickliner

    a few more pontil era finds.

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