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  1. Bass Assassin

    I just can’t believe some of you bottle guys may dig this deep. Incredible finds.

    That’s right! I learned in the first pit I ever dug. And I will only wear leather gloves
  2. Bass Assassin

    from Illinois

    That’s s great find, I’m sure it has some value
  3. Bass Assassin

    Lambert Street Dig

    RelicRaker, excellent post, those dolls are cool. Keep slinging dirt
  4. Bass Assassin

    Dickinson site

    That’s an awesome looking bottle
  5. Bass Assassin

    The Double Privy

    Dang it! Those are great finds! Ya’ll are having a blast I bet.
  6. Bass Assassin

    My Clay spot

    That’s a great story. Thanks for the photos and good luck out there
  7. Bass Assassin

    New foundation dig

  8. Bass Assassin

    Message from sodabob

    Looking forward to having you back. Things just aren’t the same with you gone
  9. Bass Assassin

    2017 Finds

    Awesome glass you have there. I’m just down right jealous. Thanks so much for sharing with us
  10. Bass Assassin

    Brothel Dump?

    Sounds like a very interesting dig. Brothel sounds about right.
  11. Bass Assassin

    Curious find

    I would break it down. Can’t really admire the bottles as they are and for me personally, I would rather be able to see the glass than have in the condition it is now. Everyone has their own taste. You do what feels right for you
  12. Bass Assassin

    E. Anheuser St. Louis

    Very nice, great find
  13. Bass Assassin

    Just another Privy Dig.

    Great score Leon. The photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing with us
  14. Bass Assassin

    Last Weekends Privy Dig.

    Always great to see your finds Leon. Good score again

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