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    Intracoastal bottle find

    L.M Green was a pretty prolific producer of patent medicines in NJ. The clear and aqua L.M Green side embossed meds are pretty common up here. Based on the flora in your photo it seems that the bottle travelled quite a distance from Woodbury NJ though!
  2. BellwoodBoys

    Latest Mineral Water (It's Blue!!!)

    Found this at the Manville Bottle Show over the weekend. I'm not usually the one to dabble with high end bottles, have always been more of a local bottle kind of guy, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy this. Embossed J&A Dearborn, New York on the front with Mineral Water D This...
  3. BellwoodBoys

    East Coast snow storm!!

    According to my snow gauge, the total ac***ulation measured in at right around 1.5 hock wines here.
  4. BellwoodBoys

    The New Site

    I'm back!!!
  5. BellwoodBoys

    Blob top madness and others

    Thanks again! Nevadabottles- Yea it was quite a shock! Made my day for sure MuddyMO- WM H Earl was a very large bottling firm. Their bottles are abundant in NJ, although I've never heard of one travelling as far away as Missouri. That's pretty amazing!!!!
  6. BellwoodBoys

    Blob top madness and others

    Thanks everyone! And Spirit Bear, any scroll bottle I have ever seen is hard to come across. There are 2 quart scroll blobs known from NJ and a scroll hutch is known from Orange NJ.
  7. BellwoodBoys

    Blob top madness and others

    Yep!! Finally got myself a Gregson and Strickland out of A.C
  8. BellwoodBoys

    Blob top madness and others

    Although I'm LITTLE late due to a very hectic month, I thought I would upload my finds from the Batsto bottle show. As usual it was a terrific show for buying and selling, which easily allowed me to cover the cost of my purchases which is always a positive[:D]. Highlight of the show was a dealer...
  9. BellwoodBoys

    New Jersey Bottle Forum

    Don't worry, once a member of NJB always a member of NJB!![;)]
  10. BellwoodBoys

    New Jersey Bottle Forum

    I think Charlie made a post about this website a few years back, but now I can finally say I fully own it!! Best resource possible for New Jersey Bottling history plus PLENTY of bottle pictures.
  11. BellwoodBoys

    NJ Patent WONKY BLOB

    Thanks hemihampton ans Scott! Here's the link to other Haley bottles and some history on the NJ site.,2251.0.html
  12. BellwoodBoys

    NJ Patent WONKY BLOB

    Thanks everyone! Cowseatmaize- Once I get a few hundred more Haley bottles I might have to resurrect the brewery! Although finding just one more of these is extremely unlikely.
  13. BellwoodBoys

    NJ Patent WONKY BLOB

    Ocean Grove had its regular postcard yesterday. Luckily buried beneath one of my friends tables was a box of bottles. Picked up 3 local blobs, a Belmar milk, and THIS Embossed C.C Haley, Celebrated California Pop Beer, Newark NJ. The stopper was only used by C.C Haley and is extremely...
  14. BellwoodBoys

    Shupps Grove finds

    Thanks Everyone! Red- Its a beer bottle from Carlstadt NJ with a star embossed. If you want a closeup I can post one. Iggywolf- Good luck! First bottle show experience I ever had was magical Andy- I know what you mean, the outdoor shows really add to the "experience" although the one drawback...
  15. BellwoodBoys

    Shupps Grove finds

    Thanks Spirit Bear! Nothing's better then an outdoor bottle show in the summer.

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