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    Bottles turning purple?

    Has anyone in this community ever had success rescuing a bottle ruined by artificial radiation by using heat? I imagine it takes enough heat that the furnace used needs a controller to slow down the cooling to avoid cracks forming.
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    Royal Beverages - Fort Frances Ontario embossed soda

    I have 2 "Royal Beverage Co." bottles. They are vaguely similar in design to yours, and have almost the same script font for the label. These bottles are labeled Detroit, and made by Owens Illinois with a 30 (1930) date code. They have a slightly odd greenish color. The sizes are 8.5 and 24...
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    Dr pepper Springfield ill

    I bought one of those online for $8.5 in 2016. Springfield, IL, Obear-made, 7 oz capacity. A fairly common design, usually much less worn/damaged. $7 - $10.
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    trying to find out more on a possible Bluebird canadian bottle ?

    There are 3 types of "Blue Bird" bottles that have a bird on them. One type is the 28 ounce size. Its design is vaguely similar but different from the others, and is probably not covered by Design Patent 67,025. It does say "Blue Bird" and has a perched bird on the bottle, with no hat. The...
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    What should i be looking for?

    Well, it's not shopping, it's finding, so you get what your luck, skill, and knowledge brings you. Look for this kind of stuff! Don't get your hands stabbed by broken glass or metal.
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    Bottles turning purple?

    It's a new way to ruin bottles. Zippity! Bottles that are already greenish, like Coke bottles will, when artificially irradiated, take on a ghastly dark brownish green color like spoiled spinach leaves. I have seen some sellers selling pop bottles with a deep purple color. I believe that they...
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    What’s the best product ?

    I use a brass wire brushes with short enough bristles that it easily fits into a pop bottle. If it's real brass, and not brass-covered steel, it won't scratch glass because brass is not as hard as glass. Similarly, Bar Keepers Friend is made with grains of scouring material that are not as hard...
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    Weird Structure in Woods.

    If that mystery structure is near a suburban street, i'd say it's the outlet of a storm drain system. I used to explore those.
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    Tall One sign.
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    Lafayette bottling co.

    RobbyBobby64, that is a very pretty and very crisply done hexagonal bottle! Thank you for sharing your nice photos of it.
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    Excellent group of decos, UncleBruce! Thank you for sharing those photos here. Very nice lighting on the greens! The Tall One was made in several different towns, and in 3 sizes. They're often seen incorrectly on eBay as "One Tall". It's possible that the name "Pale Ale" was a...
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    Trying out the new poll feature! Northern sodas or southern sodas?

    I would have polled: the whole U.S., northern states, southern states, eastern states, western states, just my state, just my county, just my town.
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    Chero-cola bottling map

    I really like your chero cola locations map!! I'm wondering what your phrase above means. Does it simply mean the town name embossed on the bottle, or does it mean something else?
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    Old Embossed Nehi Bottle

    Hi SoukaXO, I see your closeup of the Illinois-Pacific Glass Corporation glass manufacturer mark. You can see another photograph of this mark on the Glass Bottle Marks website (Page Three) under "IPG". The website says the Illinois-Pacific Glass Corporation operated approximately 1925 - 1932...
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    What are these?

    The transparent glass funnel sieve thing might be an attachment for a food juicer.

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