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    Any info on old bottle

    Hey Kheidecker, welcome to the Forum. That looks to me like it may very well be a three piece mold bottle, (from what I can see of it) but it is definitely what is known as "Black Glass" which appears black until held up to light then shows to be a dark olive as you have noticed. More than...
  2. bottlebuddy

    Just Started Digging

    Ditto! Agree, ammonia bottle, early 20th century.
  3. bottlebuddy

    Cleaning gunk from the river

    Try putting water & efferdent (denture cleaner) inside the bottles & let them soak for a day or so. I have used this method many times & it has worked well on getting sticky substances & other residue out, along with scrubbing with a wire bottle brush, but let them soak before scrubbing.
  4. bottlebuddy

    "Bambergers" Pint!

    Thanx surfaceone, no i do not have a Hahne, sorry to say. But i do however have these two little honeys, among a few other pints. Although these two are not as old as the Bamberger or some of my others, i still like them and thier color.
  5. bottlebuddy

    "Bambergers" Pint!

    Try'n out this new image posting system, maybe a better look at the ground mouth.
  6. bottlebuddy

    "Bambergers" Pint!

    Hi Folks,Wanted to share some pics of one of my favorite pints in my collection, luv them little buggers!
  7. bottlebuddy

    Uncomon color for a Standard waxsealer.

    Thanx deenodean, I have some other sweeeet jars that I will share pics of here on the forum real soon!
  8. bottlebuddy

    Uncomon color for a Standard waxsealer.

    Here's a shot of the fine condition of the groove ring.
  9. bottlebuddy

    Uncomon color for a Standard waxsealer.

    Hi folks, I just wanted to share this beauty that I've aquired for my collection. Not real comon in the Ball Blue color, I really like theese old waxsealers!
  10. bottlebuddy

    Pricing on Amazon

    Same here, when I ordered mine I was on the phone with Doug & we talked for a while. He told me if I ever wanted to call & just talk jars, call anytime. He signed my book too. A real cool guy. Buy direct from Doug, By mail. phone or website, $40.00 postage paid! That's the sure way to go.
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    Hi kelsbree, welcome to our forum. By the looks of your pics those look like half pints to me.
  12. bottlebuddy

    What do I look for to know the value?

    Hi Heidi, welcome to our forum. To find out what jars you have & thier value, get Red Book No.10 The Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars. By Douglas M. Leybourne, Jr. It is the book that most antique fruit jar collectors use as a guide to identify & find value for our fruit jars. It is very...

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