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  1. Bottleco

    Allaire Woodward & Co Elixir

    #3 Bottleco Junior MemberJoin DateJun 2018Posts4 Sunrunner, Yep it was short lived. I have only found 4 small pill bottles that have sold online so far that was made by this company cannot find anything else, was hoping maybe some fellow collectors or diggers may have came across it before. .
  2. Bottleco

    Have you seen this bottle before

    Does Anyone know a way of getting a hold of the Perkin Illinois bottle association?
  3. Bottleco

    Allaire Woodward & Co Elixir

    curious if anyone has came across this bottle?
  4. Bottleco

    Have you seen this bottle before

    It's an Allaire Woodward & co Elixir bottle, I have not found any online of the exact same kind not even a pic, only thing I have found is 3 small pill bottles sold that was from the same company just curious

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