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    Kids treasure hunting/pirate-themed ebook

    Hello fellow diggers, I encourage you to consider giving my ebook, Captain Kidd's Riddle, as a Christmas gift to the middle reader (7-11 y.o.) in your life! It's a fun, interesting, wholesome adventure involving a long-lost pirate treasure and the harrowing adventures of a trio of siblings who...
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    Galveston Dig

    Very nice! I also love that coaster. Looks like something you might see today, which is an awesome tie to the past. What age do you think it is?
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    Plate of pontiled criers from the untouched city dump. Hoping to go back this weekend.

    I'd be back there now . . . and tomorrow. . . and every day until it's dug out. Good luck!
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    Ayers “269”

    The cologne/perfume at the top left of your photo looks like it might be pre-1900 as well. Maybe post a close-up of the neck showing the seam?
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    Maybe Heading in the Right Direction

    Perfume looks early machine made to me - 1900-1910? Cool logo! No idea what company it relates to, though.
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    Can’t seem to look up this one! Help?

    Getting back to the Flints Remedy - that is one gorgeous bottle. I know nothing about it, but it's very appealing even if not rare. If rare - when, that a whole 'nother bonus!
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    Heard's Magic Mixture

    Nice bottle, but it looks very English to me.
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    Any Bottles From Towns Or Cities That No Longer Exist Or Are Now Ghost Towns

    I have a slick Bodie bottle, found there during a visit in 2009 in the bank of a dry stream bed, just where you would expect to find bottles. Sure wish it was embossed.
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    What a pretty lill bottle I found....

    Older than that. Looks TOC to me. Nice bottle!
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    Dora Bottling Hutchinson

    Nice find. Likely 1890s in terms of age!
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    RI Creek Find - Agnews & Wilcox whiskey?

    Yeah, sorry, that's around 1900 or so. Still, nice find, and it seems like your site has a lot of potential!
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    Perfume or holy water ?

    Sure looks like a perfume to me.
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    A Few Canadian Bottles from Victoria ~ Vancouver Island

    Dare I say it - "gorge"ous!
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    Help IDing an early blob-top

    Wait - he bought a brewery in the 1870s for $120,000? Surely there're some misplaced zeros there? If not, that's one HECK of a brewery!

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