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    WTS THE ECLIPSE amber jar

    Great jar, did you end up selling it? Tim
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    Yellow Drake's added to the collection

    Wow, been a very long time since I have been back to ABN! Like many I started way back when it was the blue pages and have migrated to the FB pages. Great to see the site going well! I wanted to share a SHARP & fantastic colored Drake's that I added to my collection earlier this year :D This...
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    WANTED: Whiskey Flasks

    Hi Jonathan, sorry I just seen this post! I have had the Moise flask in the pint size. It's a nice one. I don't have the half pint and may be interested. Pm me what you are looking for on it. Thanks! :) Tim
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    WANTED: Whiskey Flasks

    Thank you John! All the best,Tim
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    WANTED: Whiskey Flasks

    Hey all, looking to but slugplate whiskey flasks from the midwest and south. Strapsides, swirl based, coffins, shooflys, seeds, etc. Let me know what you may have available! Saloons and bar flasks preferred. Thanks! :) Tim
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    Hutchison Kansas bottle show finds

    Excellent finds. The teal drugstores are such killer bottles :)
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    F.W. COOK &Co ale

    That is a really great early ale, congrats on a nice find!
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    Buffum Sarsaparilla

    Kip, do you have any other nice sodas available?
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    Super rare one Bruce!
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    Comstock & Steere Blue Bottle

    That is a great one too Ron. Rare!
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    Comstock & Steere Blue Bottle

    I hate to sell it because I just got it but some family things came up and I have to take care of them. Didn't see those things coming. Unfortunately will be selling it and a few choice others. Thanks for posting a link. All the best, Tim
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    Comstock & Steere Blue Bottle

    An excellent soda! I love it and thanks so much for offering it. :) By the way guys the rumor is the cobalt Old Homestead cabin sold for 200k
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    Surfaceone has passed away

    Terrible to hear. He was always someone who could make your day with his posts and his research was incredible. I really hate to hear that and admired him alot Tim
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    Where can I find a buyer??

    Do you have a photo of yours? I may be interested
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    Charles Clark Charleston SC

    Thanks guys! Yeah there are many that do have replaced tops bottlekingnj so be cautious. None in my collection, but I do know that there was many that was dug there and many tops were put on.

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