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    I just went out for a walk!

    Nice haul! better than the dog poop that I find on my walks
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    Can anyone tell me about this jug?

    It was pretty difficult, but not impossible.Think it's a red wing union jug from red wing, Minnesota. Base is identical to this crock I found. apparently the blue spongeware jugs are the...
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    Got some marbles! Know nothing, would like to know how i did for $20

    Good to hear! I wasn't asking about the $ because I wanted to of made money, I was asking because I was hoping I didn't get ripped off. Cool story too
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    Can anyone tell me about this jug?

    That's what I paid to the dollar
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    Can anyone tell me about this jug?

    Picked some stuff up today, a copper pitcher, a Barr bros wholesale liquor dealers strapside from Brooklyn, and this jug. I'm not a jug guy but I might be now. Anyone know what this pattern of glazing is called/how old it is/where it might be from?
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    Got some marbles! Know nothing, would like to know how i did for $20

    Got some marbles recently, know nothing about them. Does anyone see anything interesting? First pic is the biggest ones and the most interesting looking ones (to me) and the 2nd is the rest of them. Also what should I be looking for in the future? I know lattice core marbles are good, other...
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    Posting for ma - 1858 patent mason and a 2 quart atlas - info?

    I'm not a jar guy, but my mom is. She got these 2 today, would like to know more about them (year manufactured etc) and how much they're worth () so I told her I'd post them for her. Any jar guys mind filling me in? Thanks
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    Trying out the new poll feature! Northern sodas or southern sodas?

    Pretty sure this is a brand new feature, or at least it wasn't as easy to do before as it is now. Pretty simple question: what region has the best sodas to collect, the north or the south? There's great states for collecting sodas in both, Georgia, Massachusetts, the Carolinas, NY off the top of...
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    Early nyc beverage bottles

    Here's my collection of early nyc beverage bottles so far. I've probably posted about all of these at some point but here they are all together. Nice to feel like you're adding to a grouping when you get something instead of just throwing money into an endless pit of things you like. Side note...
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    Long time coming.

    Very nice! Congrats. Love that style of whiskey bottle, never seen one like it before. Gotta poke around and see if there's any like that over here on the east coast
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    Dagnino's Olive Oil

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    Working on my soda display

    That's a great display case! Whered you get it? Craigslist?

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