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    Four Birthdays Today

    Thanks Guys !
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    Schroeder's Bitters, Louisville, K.Y. makes my weekend!

    Congrats ! Sweet bitters !
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    Happy Birthday Tigue & CWBookAuthor

    Happy Birthday guys !
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    Any comic book experts in the house??

    Got a Superman # 1 hiding in there somewhere ?
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    Repos or Not

    They look good to me . I would be interested in the Andrews if it is for sale .
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    Worth buying for $70 ?

    I'd buy it for that also , especially if I was collecting squares ! Rare bottle , first I have ever seen .
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    Happy Birthday, epackage!!!

    Happy Birthday !
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    Jenny Lind : Real or Fake

    Here is another repro .
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    Jenny Lind : Real or Fake

    Well , one way Jeff told me is by the neck . The real Calabash necks has a gradual taper from the lip to the body. And the repro's are straighter and flare out more at the body . I hope you understand what I am trying to say . I hope I explained this correctly Jeff. Here is a real Calabash .
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    Attn. Kelley ( gunsmoke )

    Something that might interest you .
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    Fradulent Bottle Auctions on eBay now - help stop!

    And it needs to be ! Nobody wants people like these associated with our hobby . Thanks again Reggie !
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    Fradulent Bottle Auctions on eBay now - help stop!

    Thanks to Michael George ( earlyglass ) whos sharp eye discovered this crook . Thanks Mike ........... I'd say you saved some people some hard earned dollars . And thanks Reggie also for keeping everybody updated.
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    My baby came home!

    Good deal Kelley ! Awesome bottle ! You need to post up some pics of your fine hospital bottle collection .
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    Just a heads up

    There is a Seaworth Bitters listed on ebay , and the picture in the listing was stolen from Reggie Lynch's website. I just wanted to let any bidders here know about...

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