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    Please ID Jelly Jar (?)

    with the threads on it , it wasn't meant as a drinking glass. it looks like it could be anything from a jelly jar to peanut butter or pickle jar. the jelly jars that were used as glasses had pry off lids with a slightly thicker edges at the top instead of threads. they came in 2 sizes.
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    Sump'n different..Antique Coleman gas lamp.

    very nice find. i've never seen a lamp like that.
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    Fancy Bottle

    my guess would be a hair tonic or lotion. something along the lines of vitalis or such.
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    weird message on ebay from previously unknown account

    it would make me suspicious also, but i have run into low feed back that was due to the seller changing their ebay name. if you are interested in doing business with them have them meet you at the police parking lot. most of the police departments here have safe spots set up with cameras for in...
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    Grape Cluster Bottle

    i have a bottle very similar to yours. the differences are that it a cork bottle and i don't see any embossing on it. i got from the flea market about 15 years ago. it's full and has the seal and a pamphlet attached to it. the pamphlet has cooking tips in it and calls the stuff sumptuous...
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    Does anyone know what would have been in these weird shaped bottles? (Pt. 2)

    the 5th one from the left looks like a salt shaker to me.
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    Brick structures in woods

    i've never seen the inside of one but the ones i saw had manhole type cover on them. the ones i saw were near water like the ones in your picture. i always felt the were built tall like that to help keep them from flooding. as i said though, just a guess.
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    Brick structures in woods

    i have seen similar structures around here except made of concrete. they're parts of the sewer system. judging by the sewer pipes around that one i would say they're older versions of the same thing. just a guess
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    Styrofoam label pop bottles

    they wouldn't have much value right now, i feel they will go up in value in the future. they appear to be in pretty good shape. they were made to be thrown away so not a lot are still around. one of the past times back then was seeing how long a strip you could peel off the bottle. i know we...
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    ebay soda scam.

    i no very little about 7up history but it looks suspicious to me. the bottle looks like a blob top and the bottom looks like a wine bottle which doesn't jive with the date given. just my 2 cents.
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    Art Deco Sodas

    nice collection. if i may ask, what is the first bottle in the 6th picture? the dark amber one? looks nice and i've never seen that one.
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    What is this?

    i believe that's a beer bottle. possibly a bicentennial beer bottle
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    Here's a diff bottle..

    looks like one of the wine bottle that the bottom was cover with wicker.
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    Has anybody seen this one

    nice find. i love odd shaped bottle like that
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    3 Centa Bottle Expertise Needed

    the LCW should read LGW, which stands for Laurens Glass Works. the 3 should be the date code but i don't remember them. you can look up glass markers marks for LGW and that should tell you how to read them.

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