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Recent content by bubbas dad

  1. B

    Has anybody seen this one

    nice find. i love odd shaped bottle like that
  2. B

    3 Centa Bottle Expertise Needed

    the LCW should read LGW, which stands for Laurens Glass Works. the 3 should be the date code but i don't remember them. you can look up glass markers marks for LGW and that should tell you how to read them.
  3. B

    Really kinda stumped

    looks like a wall decoration to me.
  4. B

    Pepsi - 1 Quart, 1970's Unusual Shape Heavy Bottle

    that's the south carolina tax stamp. have seen it on a lot of older soda bottle caps.
  5. B

    Blue glass thermometer looking thingy

    if i remember correctly they were called swizzle sticks
  6. B

    anyone seen this Crush bottle before ?

    all of the crush bottles i've seen with that style of embossing (ribs) have been from mexico or south america. i've seen them in clear and green.
  7. B

    Fruit Squeeze - Toronto Ont embossed soda bottle

    i have seen some "squeeze" soda bottles that were similar but that's the first " fruit squeeze " i've seen.
  8. B

    Smallest one yet.

    i would guess the amber one is an extract bottle.
  9. B

    Small oval bottle that stands upside down

    i have 2 colbalt bottles similar to this one. they held pills. the one most like this one is labeled johnsons tablets.
  10. B

    Antique Fan Repair

    have you opened it up? if so i use an ohm meter and check the power card to make sure there's not a break in the the plug or cord. just a guess.
  11. B

    Barney Google / Spark Plug Sodas

    very nice bottles. really like the spark plug bottle.
  12. B

    8oz Pepsi Swirl Bottle - First Year?

    not sure of the years they were used but i was told the 8oz was used in only a few markets to compete with some other bottlers using 8 oz. not sure but it seems north carolina was one such market.

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