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Recent content by Bucket

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    Wet-Suit Season is Over ( sigh )...

    Love the tumblers too!
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    What is this beautiful glass piece?

    It looks like a flower frog to me, but I could be wrong. They're great for displaying marbles!
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    Colorful closet find

    The all blue marble on left is probably a game marble, although Vitro Agate (one of my favorite marble companies because it was out of nearby Parkersburg, WV) did make some solid color opaques. Do the two in the middle have any pontil marks (particularly #3)? I've been at a work training all day...
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    Colorful closet find

    This one looks like a worn red Bennington...is there any glaze left on it? Their 'eyes' are where the marbles touched each other while firing. Alternatively it could just be a crockery marble. But the red really makes me think Bennington.
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    Colorful closet find

    Ack...this (orange) was the pic I was looking at when I said Akro corkscrews & patch!
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    Colorful closet find

    1 & 4 (l to r) look like Akro Agate corkscrews to me. 2 & 3 I need to see the other side. And 5 looks like an Akro patch.
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    Colorful closet find

    I really think this one is actually a bead! Looks to be made out of porcelain.
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    Colorful closet find

    I think I see the one you're referring to with the swirl and hole. It almost looks like a glazed china but would need a closer pic to know better. You have at least two Benningtons in that group of Clay's, a blue and a red shooter. I think I also see some Akro Agate (company name) corkscrews and...
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    Colorful closet find

    I probably know enough to be dangerous! But I've been hunting and collecting marbles for years and I have some really good resource books. I'd be happy to try to help! Post some pix of the ones you're puzzling over...a couple of different views/angles, on a neutral background (a grey t-shirt...
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    Colorful closet find

    Beautiful! Looks like you have some nice ones in there. Pretty sure most of those cat's eyes are U.S. made. I love finding marbles! I've found 9 in my creeks since Thanksgiving. Looking for bottles and those are nice surprises!
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    Very old clay marbles

    They're made of china...they are sometimes glazed and sometimes not. The intersecting lines are less common than simple bands. If I had to guess I'd say they were probably made in Germany, and date to the 1800s. I don't know of any US makers of china marbles (aside from the Benningtons and...
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    Very old clay marbles

    Hi! These are actually China marbles...a lot more rare than Clay's and a little more valuable. The painted designs, some are more or less common, primarily determine their value, along with condition. Nice find! Hope this helps!

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