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Recent content by Bufflehead

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    1930s fruit juice in milk bottle?

    Very cool. Im enjoying the history. I think the date in bottom says 32’
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    Almost took a taste
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    Walking staff

    These are
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    1930s fruit juice in milk bottle?

    This is great. Very cool. Thank you! https://www.brewerygems.com/olympia.htm
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    1930s fruit juice in milk bottle?

    Thanks for the feedback! Interesting. I found an image that might be related. The embossing on bottle look like a pineapple.... http://www.bottlecapclub.org/phplib/ccsi_imgcrowncork_view.php?ID=23630
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    Sauce bottle?

    Awesome find. Great color.
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    1930s fruit juice in milk bottle?

    Hi everyone, Dug with a bunch of 1930s milks. “Fru Ju” registered contents 8 flu. ozs. Base says “PAT applied for”. Any info about the company/dating/ drink type would be appreciated. I can’t find anything.
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    Found my first privy!

    Awesome. Congrats on finding a spot!
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    Griffwood Farms. Mt. Washington/Baltimore milk bottle

    Hi all. Dug this today. Love how hyper local the milks can get. Found history on the farm no bottle examples yet.
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    Krause Bottling Co Baltimore MD. Soda?

    This is great. Wonder what delicious flavor. Maybe prune. Thanks!
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    Krause Bottling Co Baltimore MD. Soda?

    Here are some pictures.
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    Krause Bottling Co Baltimore MD. Soda?

    Hi all, Dug this yesterday. Any ideas about type of soda it held? Bit of research I did pointed to “Pep” soda. Was found in a spot with bottles ranging from 20s/40s. Hope you and yours doing well.
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    Sterling Flavoring Extracts Bottle Baltimore

    Hi everyone, Hope this finds you and loved ones doing well. Dug this yesterday. Usually, when I find something new, I can find history on the company and related product online. I can’t find anything about this one. Would love a lead if anyone has one. I’m getting a just pre 1900 vibe though...
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    Near Miss

    Another example of why this site is great. For multiple reasons.

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