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Recent content by Burkenhill

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    8 oz Orange Crush bottle from Canada

    Please tell me how to get a copy of your book.
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    7up Paper Label Very 1st?

    That's a very interesting bottle. I checked my paper label 7up bottles and none of mine say that. This attached picture is of a bottle recently sold on Ebay. It doesn't show a bottler on the bottom but does have the intriguing slogan on the top right of the label. This picture clarifies for...
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    Rare Vancouver BC Pepsi

    I don't know when Canada changed from the yellow and red bottle cap to the red, white and blue cap but I always assumed it would be the same as the US. Of course the US changed to the red, white and blue patriotic colours in 1941 around the same time they entered world war ll.
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    Unopened 1970s Coca-Cola bottle with toy stuck inside

    Ditto what others have said. "Unopened" is a mis-categorization. It should have read, "Filled", or "re-filled". The word "unopened" implies that the bottle holds original contents right from the bottler and that is next to impossible to prove. A picture of the bottle coming off the...
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    7up 'White Swimsuit Girl' bottle

    Thank you for showing us and telling us about this unusual bottle. As soon as I read your post I went and checked through all my 7up swimsuit lady bottles and I do not have any with the "white swimsuit girl", as you described it. In my humble opinion your bottle is not pre-1936 for a few...
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    Full 1915-1923 Chero Cola bottle from eBay!

    A soda bottle capped and still full with ORIGINAL contents as it came off the production line by the bottler is extremely, extremely rare. Some of the giveaways that it has been re-filled at some time in the intervening years of course range from a newer cap on an older bottle as already...
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    1942 7up value

    Hi Ellie, Your bottle is certainly in reasonable condition notwithstanding that it has been out in the weather and the red/orange shield colouring has disappeared. The back label is back label #3 which is typical in bottles from 1940-1948 according to the most extensive research done by...
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    7up Vancouver B.C.-Country Club Beverages Company Limited.

    Hi Canadian, I'm from Mission, BC too! Here are 2 Vancouver bottles I have from Dominion Glass. Both have some less than usual points to note about them. The embossed one with the embossed 7up on the neck is an 8 bubble and on the bottom shows the large 7up in the middle, Dominion Glass logo...
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    Barn Find - Bottles from 40s, 50s, 60s?

    In your heading you mentioned paper label bottle(s) but I didn't see any in the pictures provided. Do any of the bottles have paper labels? I am always interested in paper label bottles.
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    5 new soda bottles.

    I tried to send you a private message to discuss your Pepsi bottle further but I got an error message saying you have exceeded your stored private message quota. Any chance you can make some space so we can talk a bit more about it? Rick
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    5 new soda bottles.

    Wow, I've never seen a single dot PAPER LABEL 2 full glasses bottle before. I thought I had a representative of all the different 2 full glasses bottles made. You have quite a find there. If you are ever interested in selling that one, please let me know.
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    One of a Kind Dr. Pepper Bottle for sale!

    When it comes to full bottles, there is no way to prove that the contents are original contents from when the bottle came off the line from the bottler. Because of that, the value added is negligible. It is just too easy to cap the bottle with new contents and unscrupulously claim it to be...
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    Pepsi bottle

    Pepsi standardized their bottle in 1941. Prior to this individual bottlers made whatever bottle they wanted and so James C Ayers put together a whole book about the various bottles made prior to 1941. What you are showing us is that standardized bottle. At first the standardized bottle had a...

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