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    Crescent Sarsaparilla Newark, NJ

    i used to work a couple of blocks away
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    Looking for Trenton NJ squats

    i don't know where you are but am guessing in Trenton or environs. If so, take a trip to the Grist Mill Antiques Barn in Pemberton. They have a lot of bottles and some, if i remember correctly, from Trenton. Happy hunting
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    Looking for Trenton NJ squats

    there is a Capitol City bottle (crown top) on Etsy
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    Suss Brothers Jersey City

    i collect Jersey City bottles and if you want to sell or trade it please message me
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    Strangest thing you have found...

    as you can see, it's broken and was in a "dump" area. I did check with someone i run with and i did not transgress. He agreed it was discarded and not an offering
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    Strangest thing you have found...

    My favorite “strange” thing I’ve found is this ceramic wall hanging of Ganesh a Hindu god. Found on the beach of New York Bay
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    Probably a stupid question

    Attached are two photos of L. Steinberger bottles from Jersey City. One with horizontal writing, the other vertical. In general, was one, vertical or horizontal in general use earlier than the other or was it simply a matter of preferred appearance? Thanks
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    Dead Horse Bay - quantity vs quality

    I’m sure there is asbestos and lead everywhere there though. Actually, radioactivity was the issue
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    Dead Horse Bay - quantity vs quality

    parking is at Floyd Bennet Field across Flatbush Ave. Not a problem at all but it is a 10-15 minute walk from parking to the beach. Look for the lady who has a gull as a pet and it follows her up and down the beach. If you do go, there are 3 trails in, the one on the right takes you to Bottle...
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    Dead Horse Bay - quantity vs quality

    i made my first visit to Dead Horse Bay today. I doubt i will ever see so many bottles in one area. Unfortunately all of what i saw was "mid-century". But the milk glass and smalls alone would make the trip worthwhile. I am convinced that somewhere under it all there is old stuff just...
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    Just Picked These Two Up at the Forks of the Deleware Show Today

    BrentC - i don't know if you specifically collect Norristown but if so i have a Irvin Reinert hutch with stopper i'd sell or trade. If of interest i'll send some photos
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    New to this cool hobby - north NJ

    Wow! and welcome from Jersey City
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    Old Quack/ Snake Oil Medicines

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    Cobalt inks?

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