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    Latest dig in Hannibal

    Re: RE: Latest dig in Hannibal beautiful dig! a great age to be digging in.we haven't been out digging in a couple weeks. hopethe weather holds for us this weekend. too bad about theStone jar. that is one nice example!! Jim
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    Coal Region Dig

    this pit had all blown bottles. we found a couple applied top unembossed examples. we had a great time, would have been nice to pull a few more bottles.... Jim
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    Coal Region Dig

    we used the neighbors hose to help pack the ash down. gave it a good tamping and a nice sprinkling of grass seed beforewe put the pieces of grass back on.
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    Coal Region Dig

    this one was about half way back on the property line.
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    Coal Region Dig

    absolutely gorgeous day for a dig. we dug one in the back corner last weekendthat was basically empty. a few commons and shards dating from 1880's to machinemade.
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    Matuella's Hazleton, Pa

    got a call from a friend who is asking me about a 1/2 pint clear glassmilk from Hazleton. it's embossed " Matuella's Dairy / Hazleton, Pa " sounds like a familiar name to me, but I have little knowledge of milks. any comments please??? Thanks in advance for any help you may offer. Jim
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    Dug several unusual "Firsts" in 1880-toc privy

    the green " atomizer " may have been an oil or alcohol lamp. good to see someone digging. ground well frozen here in N.E. Pennsy Jim
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    Updated Shelf

    andy, that's an OP Binningers whiskey with the 19 Broad St. address. enjoy today !! Jim
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    Updated Shelf

    hi Jim, That's the 1/2 pint sunburst I got from you on the right side of the second shelf from the bottom.hope all goes well out there and that your health is as good as can be expected. Jim
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    Updated Shelf

    the glass shelves cut with one side polished and the mirror back installed was $45.00 if I remember... I used 1/2" plywood to back the mirror Jim
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    Updated Shelf

    I added the stuff I got at the Manville NJ show to my flask shelf. caught the light fairly well this morning. Jim
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    G.W Merchant Chemists Lockport NY- Color run

    very nice. I like the neck and top on the second from the left. sweet photo. good luck adding to your color run and thanksso much for sharing with us!! Jim
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    Photos from Manville N.J. Show

    got a new computer. trying to get the photo sizing down...
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    Photos from Manville N.J. Show

    tumbled the starburst flask I got at Manville. came out pretty nice
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    Photos from Manville N.J. Show

    these are my pickups from the show. was a wonderful event. the dealers and volunteers were all friendly andhelpful. thanks to all involved !!! can't wait for next years show! Jim

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